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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Three Things I’m feeling right now
- Relieved
- Excited
- Impetuous

Three Things I’m happy to have passed
- Querulousness
- The heavy doubt
- The lonesomeness

Three Things I look forward to
- listen to my great songs and not thinking about teaching
- meeting my friends later
- be happy all day

Three Things I won’t do today
- wallow in self pity (even if the good things turn to worst)
- change my background music (not just yet)
- take a nap in the afternoon (feel like I’ve had too much of those already)

Three Things I feel like doing but I won’t (well, maybe a little :p)
- dancing around with melodious rhythm revolving inside me
- impersonating Nick Carter in Just Want You To Know video clip
- tell her I love her

Three Last Songs I listened to
- Backstreet Boys – Just want you to know
- My mix – The Perfect Dream (edited from Peter Pan’s Mimpi yang Sempurna)
- Ozone – Dragonsta Din Tei (Video clip version)

Three Last Movies I (re)watched
- Friends episode “The one that could have been
- Friends episode “The one with MAC and C.H.E.E.S.E
- My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Three Last Words that crossed my mind
- Violence
- D.O.A
- Zombie

Three awesome things I should have had
- A supercomputer
- My confidence
- Her
Three most played songs in my head
- Imogen Heap – Speeding Cars
- Rascal Flatts – What hurts the most
- Cold Play – The Scientist

Three persons I always want to say “In Your Face!” to.
- All my stupid arrogant so-not-friends from my past
- Zach Braff (but only because he said that phrase in the first place and I kinda imitated him)
- My all time archenemy ─ Loneliness

Three cool ways to end this post
- By presenting a link to a sudden-out-of-the-blue-shrieking-horrifying-ghost-appearing-on-your-monitor-when-u-least-expected-it stuff.
- By listing the three cool ways to end this post (hehe)
- By shutting me up. (I can try that now :))

1 comment:

  1. i can understand u better

    feel closer to you in this blog.

    day by day, even we are apart, i can know u better.

    bam, gambate!