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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Live Life as a celebrity

Hey guys. So here’s the thing. I was surfing thru the net and I found this.

These are the child looks of some of the most famous Asia Stars

It seems like I’m a long lost celebrity who suffers from amnesia, or at least I was. I’ve been living a fake life as a guy called Bambang Superone, practically a psycho who called himself a soliloquist (whatever that means). But why did no one tell me before, my mum, my dad, or someone… that I’m an Asian celebrity named Ben Affleck? Well, it’s a funny name for a Chinese, but I ain’t complaining.

Ok. I’ll take a deep breath for one second.

*inhaling oxygen—and carbon monoxide, accidentally*

*close eyes and lean back*

*lose balance and pass out*

*head banging the floor*

Two hours later…

(continue typing as if nothing had happened)
But what if that really happened to me? What if I was an amnesia-ous celebrity who also is a soliloquist? A soliloquial celebrity. Hm.. That works for me :P

And if it’s really happening, would I have experienced a normal life? Would I still be falling in love for the same girl I was falling to?

This is Harry kissing Cho Chang scene, they had to take it over 30 times to get it right..., Harry.. come on...

But a celebrity usually means “having it all”, would I be a pampered boy who couldn’t face his world on his own? Would I be a pathetic lame sissy if somebody I had liked turned me away? Crying and blaming myself and everybody else?

And I still don't get it.. MOMMY ended with EEEEE sound, but the picture shows an AAAAA sound...

Wait! I already am all of that.

But hey, celebrity or not, girls and women are no different. They are difficult and even worse than me. I should know better.

Listen to the old man, guys.. girls.. stay calm..

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