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Sunday, October 28, 2007

On My Way Home

These are what's on my mind whenever I am on my way home.

First, I don't like Indonesia, but why I love these songs?
Second, I don't fit the stories, but why they keep lingering on my mind?
and Last, I don't know why I put these lyrics here, but why did I want to?

The wind was wiping the exhaustion off my body. I was moving at ten meters per second. Usual gloomy thoughts were on my mind, but why the lines :

Buat apa susah...

buat apa susah...

lebih baik kita bergembira

buat apa susah...

buat apa susah...

lebih baik kita bergembira

and these lines :

kekasihku apa yang kau pikirkan

hidup ini hanya sementara

tak berguna kau bersedih hati


keep repeating in my head?

When I was bored, I chose a different song, but what song did I choose?

Begini nasib jadi bujangan
Ke mana mana asalkan suka
Tiada orang yang melarang

Hati senang walaupun tak punya uang
Hati senang walaupun tak punya uang

When I insisted on myself to change the song, CHANGE THE SONG FOR THE LOVE OF ...

Sesampainya di laut
Kukabarkan semuanya
Kepada karang kepada ombak
Kepada matahari

Tetapi semua diam
Tetapi semua bisu
Tinggal aku sendiri
Terpaku menatap langit

Barangkali di sana
ada jawabnya
Mengapa di tanahku terjadi bencana


Now, I'm officially losing my mind.



Buat Apa Susah

Friday, October 26, 2007

Fate was playing with me

Since when had my life become so unfair? So unfair that I missed everything good in highschool? So unfair that I missed everything cool in highschool? Since when had I complained about my work ruining my life? Since when had I not been able to even online? Who am I to blame if my life is a wreck now? How am I supposed to free myself from my dull job, the decision I made, the very trap I fell in to?

Pessimism always suited me. Ever since I was little, I tended to hope for the worst, only in order to make the opposite to happen. In short, I had a superpower.

I could control my fate and my future. I could fulfill my wish and hope, to make it happen according to my "actual" will.

When I was a kid,

I had an examination at school, one that I didn't study very well. I knew that the possibility of me failing was incontrovertible. So I knew, pessimistically, that I was going to fail. So I kept hoping for the worst to come. Hoping and hoping solemnly. And then I passed, satisfyingly.

At the moment, I wonder if it's a coincidence, if it's a lie that I didn't know how to answer the test correctly, or that I was lucky.


Years and years later, I found luck always coming my way whenever I thought I was doomed, whenever I thought that the worst was in front of me, turned out it wasn't. I was saved again.

I began to realize that maybe it's because of my pessimism. If I was pessimistic, I could somehow, succeed. So I always hoped for the worst in every examination I went through in Junior High and in Senior High. I often got a great mark.

When I was more an adult, I tried to use my pessimism to attain the things I wanted. This was how it worked :

If I wanted something to happen (for instance : when I hoped the blackout ain't occured when I got back) I tried to deeply and truly hope the opposite to happen (in this case : I hoped that the blackout really did happened).

I know it's insane, but it worked. I had a superpower to control my wish.

I never told people about any of it, cause I knew what they would have said, that it was a coincidence it's happened and I was only a lucky pessimistic bastard. But people would not understand this. Statistically speaking, the number was so high for it to be called as coincidence.

Then again, it's hard to prove my ability. See, people didn't need to tell me how to prove if I was really able to make any wish come true.

"If you really are that great, you can use your ability to give yourself a hundred million dollars right now. Just wish that you can't get the money and be as pessimistic as you want... and so if your ability is really there, then you should really really get the money. Well? you can't, right? And therefore it means that you are a normal human being with no superpower whatsoever... maybe perhaps a significantly messed up behaviour as a pessimist."

I know what you're gonna say.

I couldn't wish for anything I want by wishing the opposite to happen, because I would be secretly wishing for it to happen, and therefore I can't get what I want. Do you get that?

Let me rephrase that.

I couldn't get what I want by wishing the opposite to happen because I know that if I do wish the opposite, it was because I wanted the opposite of the opposite to happen and therefore it (what I want) couldn't happen.

Still don't get it? How about this? :

I can't wish for a thing by wishing the opposite because in the bottom of my heart, I wish that.
I couldn't lie to myself. That was it.

I had to wish the opposite 'unconsciously' so that I would really believe in the worst. That way, I could get the best.

The only problem is, I am well awake.

I had a superpower, but I couldn't use it when I wanted to use it. I could only use it unknowingly.


I have been very busy and I will still be very busy for the days to come. I am now a man with no time on his own. I have no time to sleep enough, I barely have time to watch movies and relax, and I almost never get free time to update blog. For the people who read this and for myself, I apologize.

Almost everyday, I have only two to four hours of free time and it's from 12 am until 3 pm, approximately.

Last Tuesday, I have a special free time from 10 am until 3.20 pm. And I was really planning on relaxing. What I meant by relaxing was watching Grey's Anatomy season 3 because I was addicted to the show at that moment and it was the only thing that could cheer me up that time. I had been working my ass off everyday (including Saturday and Sunday, yes!), so I really appreciated a little time to spend on my own.

So I went home, all optimistic. I brought my lunch with me. I was happy, something I rarely had nowadays.

My happiness dissolved away when I got home. I found out at once that the electricity was out. The damn blackout had struck again. It's only the second day after the Muslim's New Year. I was really pissed off.

I asked my mother when we lost the power. She told me that the blackout had occurred since 8 am in the morning. I counted immediately, and realized that it's two hours away until the blackout ended. See, the PLN (the so-called electric company) always gave us four hours of blackout. Something I had known and hated for so long.

So I waited.

Two more hours, I thought savagely.

I waited again.

I swore and swore. I was angry and vexed. Ninety minutes left.

I waited again.

I still swore. I cursed PLN, I cursed the Indonesian people, its government. But at least one hour later I would be able to watch my movies.

I waited again.

It's almost the time. Twenty minutes.

I waited again.

It was already 12 pm, but the damn blackout didn't stop.

I waited again.

It's exceeded the four-hour limit over half an hour. I was mad.

I waited again, lying on the bed.

Still no power, no Grey's Anatomy. I was furious.

I waited again.

It was 1.15 pm. The power should come at 2 pm, and by then I would have only 80 minutes to spend in watching.

I waited again.

I became savage. I yelled and screamed scathingly over PLN. The clock almost reached two.

I waited again. Doing nothing.

The clock showed 2.12 pm. I had lost my faith. The blackout was incredibly annoying. It had been dark for six hours and twelve minutes, and it was still continuing.

I waited again.

It was 2.30 pm. I realized that my fate was playing with me. Screwing with me, actually. At that moment, I knew that the electricity would come at the moment I walked out my house, which was 3.20 pm. I knew it because I was who I was.

I was the most unfortunate man.

Here came the pessimistic behavior, I thought. I couldn't use my superpower against this because I knew I really wanted to watch the damn Grey thing.

I gave up and didn't wait anymore. My "the only" leisure had been robbed from me. I was so weak. I just lay there on my bed, thinking of alot of things. Why had my life been such an unfortunate one? Didn't I deserve better?

I do, deserve better. Much better than this.

The reason I wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy so badly was that while I was watching it on my computer the previous night, just when I reached the very great part near the end, my computer broke. So I was really eager to know the next part... the final part...

But now... I was deprived. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE MAD ABOUT THAT?

I told my mother that the PLN was torturing me intentionally and that the blackout would stop when they know I had no time to watch anymore... that it ought to be near 3.20 pm the power should be back on.

She didn't believe me.

But I was right.

The power came back at 3.10 pm, just when I had no time to watch anymore.

I really was the most FUCKED OFF man on earth.


There was something urging me to fight back.

So I went to my room and turned on my DVD player. "I am gonna watch the damn 10 minutes I was robbed last night!"

So I did it. I felt enormously satisfied, not only because I was able to know the end of the story (which was awesome!) but I also kicked that PLN's and my fate's asses.

I was late to work. So what?

In the end, life is about changing. Superpower or not, I would not give in to my stupid fate. Not now, not ever. I will rise. I will live my own work, my own life. The fate is playing me, so guess what?

I will beat it on its own game.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Someone's Anatomy [Just Watching]

I was doing fine, thank you for asking. Sorry for speaking in past tense, but I really was doing just fine today until I found out about something. What? What something? They ask mysteriously. No... no... it's not something like O-May-Gut-She-has-already- had-a-BOYFRIEND something. No, no. It's not that life-changing something, well except if you're a big Harry Potter fan to find out that your oldest Idol in the wizarding world is gay. Yeah. Dumbledore was freaking in love with Grindelwald, and he was gay. HE WAS GAY!. He was not Gay Gay. He was GAY. Hah!

Okay, now with calmer tone, I -- I indeed am doing OK now. Thanks to a great show that has been accompanying me until even now. It's my favorite show at this moment. Number one show. Please welcome . . .

Okay then.

I dig this show. Why? because it has all the X-Factors in every great Series I like. And I am talking as one of the faithful followers of American TV Series like Heroes, Lost, Smallville, 24, Friends, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, the 4400, Nip/Tuck, Scrubs, Joey, Tru Calling, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, CSI, Will and Grace, and so on...

Okay, so many competitors... but why Grey's Anatomy?

First and First.

They have Dr. Isobel Katherine Heigl Stevens a.k.a "Izzie". Okay, so I never thought that I would love a girl whose name is Izzie. But Hell. She's not just 100% hot, but she's hot hot and she's a fighter. She was living in a trailer and yet she made it to the Medical School. She's a great baker and she has warm heart. She was a lingerie model and she could kick guys' asses. Plus, she's hot hot hot. Did I mention that? Lol. I love Izzie. Izzie is my favourite character of the series.

So much I can say about this character. She was the one of the main focus character in season 2, when she fell in love with her patient, Denny Duquette (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Denny was a patient who needed a heart transplant, and when the only heart available seemed to be vanishing away, Izzie tried whatever she could to retrieve the heart... "Whatever she could" means that she had to steal the heart, and staged a fake diagnosis on Denny, that means she had to stop her fiance's heart in order to get the heart. In the most intense episodes of season 2 (which were "17 Seconds" and "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response"), Izzie showed her best and worst, putting everything in her life and her boyfriend's life at stake.

Wonder how it went? That's why it is the greatest show.

And then there is Dr. Miranda Bailey a.k.a the Nazi.

She's the toughest, smartest, and greatest resident I've seen in the series. Dr. Bailey is the strictest person in Seattle Grace Hospital and even the attendings are scared of her. Hell, even Chief Webber can't do much. Haha.. Funny thing, last night, when I got inside Grey's Anatomy's official website and went into Bailey's page to see if there was anything about her past... I ran into these words :

"Thought you were gonna find something about me? Think again! Now get back to work!"

I laughed for several minutes. Man, she'll be damned!

My favourite line in the show regarding Bailey was :

"Bailey's back? Bailey's back!" --- Chief Webber.

And then there is this Meredith Grey, the main character of the show whose last name was used as the title, paroding the Gray's Anatomy. Meredith Grey, the main "complainer" of the series was narrating most of the episodes. She was marked as Dark and Twisted, Scary and Damaged by her boyfriends and her friends. But she always smiled even when she didn't need to. I think it's because her cheeks had some abnormal cuteness... oh yeah.. she was also sputtering words all the time in the cute way I found it rather disturbing yet addictive.

Okay, to sum up, Here's the list of why I really like the show and become a weird man posting stupid entry on his blog...

  • They have Izzie. Go Izzie! Huhu!

Again, Hu hu!

  • They use Nazi to torture these five people. And yeah.. there are these five different kinds of characters. The show is rich.

  • They have George O'Malley. Everything about George is that he's not gay in the series but gay in real life, that he's portrayed by TR Knights who happened to have a row with Isaiah Washington calling him a "faggot" which ended up with Washington getting fired.

But I love this character.

He was in love with Meredith but when he did tell her about his feelings, it led towards an unpleasant tragedy. Oh, poor George.

  • For three seasons, they had Burke in it. Oh.. the incredible Dr. Preston Burke. But his life became more sullen once he got shot, and I really think Christina was not meant to be for him. But Burke was a very great character. I would miss him when he's gone.

  • They keep saying "Seriously?" and there's something in the show to the word "Mc". I mean, since McGrey Mcmet with McDreamy, I Mcheard alot about the Mcusing of the Mcword McDreamy, McSteamy, McVet, McCutie.. I mean... seriously?

  • They have great intense episodes, like "It's the end of the world (as we know it)" which was the first episode of Grey's that I enjoy really really damn much. Well, how couldn't you when it was opened with three beautiful girls showering together, the well-put scenarios when a bomb stuck inside a person's body. I love episodes like these.

Anyway... it's not a great series if it had no influencing on my real life. And, this show... as far as I can tell... is telling me all I know about living a good life with ups and downs in it. But I can just never apply them in my real life. What's wrong with me?

I refuse to answer that question, cause at this moment... at this very moment... besides feeling starving... I just want to watch the show, again.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Searching for Loneliness : The Definition

Several minutes ago, a someone I know, somewhere in the world, has just celebrated the greatest day of her life, and as her doing so, a somebody I know, has just been hurt.

I am that somebody.

Wikipedia put it better than I could.

Loneliness is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is more than just the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected and alienated from other people. Solitude is the state of being alone and secluded from other people, and often implies having made a conscious choice to be alone. Loneliness is therefore unwilling solitude.

What happen to someone living with loneliness? He will be...

  • Believing that 'everyone else' has friends
  • Feeling socially inadequate and socially unskilled
  • Being convinced there is something wrong with him
  • Feeling that no one understands his situation
  • Feeling reluctant to attempt to change, or try new things
  • Feeling 'empty', depressed, or even contemplating suicide

  • "People are often lonely because they build walls instead of bridges."

    "You are never so lonely as when you are in a crowd."

    "Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty."
    -- Mother Theresa

    "Sadness is beautiful, Loneliness is tragical."
    -- A.J. McLean

    "Living with someone you love who doesn't love you back is way lonelier than being alone."
    -- A patient from Grey's Anatomy

    Oh, great! Now I know what I'm up against! [sarcasm detected]


    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    I'm Late.

    When a person says "I'm late", it can mean a couple of things.

    1. That he's coming, occurring, or remaining after the correct, usual, or expected time. In other words, he's literally too late.

    2. That his menstruation, that is to say, his the periodic discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from his uterus, is late. [Notice that "his" above refers to a person ^.^]

    3. That he's already dead but still talking, and when people mention him, they would say the "late" word before his name. eg : "This grave belongs to late John Lennon."

    4. That his name is in fact, Late.
    eg : "Hi Sarah, this is my friend Late. Late, this is Sarah."

    Guess which late am I?


    100 Years : Take an Action, or Nothing at All

    If ever a bedazzled djinn came to me and granted me one wish, whatever it was, I would always wish for an ability to control time, to manipulate it like "The Sister of Fates" of God of War, Marty McFly of "Back to the Future", or Adam Sandler's "Click".

    But what if there's no possible way to solve the what-ifs?

    Would it be the life I am living this second? Oh yes, I am living in a one-way reality with no turning back, just like everybody is. Except for these past few days, I've been realizing about how my life had been too late for everything.

    And then, something John Ondrasik told me through his song confirmed all of my suspicions above : that I am indeed too late for anything, and I'm twenty two. Ironically, I know just the way to solve this problem. I just either don't know how to, or unconsciously don't want to. But why?

    If ever I could turn back the hands of time, fifteen sounds a really good place time to go.

    I'm 15 for a moment
    Caught in between 10 and 20
    And I'm just dreaming...
    Counting the ways to where you are.

    I don't know how Ondrasik put it, but he did a hell of a good job understanding one's life, like mine.

    I'm 22 for a moment
    She feels better than ever
    And we're on fire
    Making our way back from Mars

    This is where I am, I think, and this was where the too late part kicked in. I have had so many people telling me about it (which by the way, don't do that, it makes me sick), but I don't need telling. I've known it already.

    This is a perfect verse of my life, (if it had happened) except I don't see who "feels better than ever" because it can't be me, since I'm not "on fire" and I've never been to Mars. I hope you know what I mean. Sadly, at this point, I'm still "counting the ways to where you are"...

    Look! I am fifteen! Only not in the shape I wanted it to be, being trapped in a twenty two's body like this.

    15 there's still time for you
    Time to buy and time to lose
    Fifteen... , there's never a wish better than this
    When you only got 100 years to live

    There. There's my point.


    Okay, let's see about my future : about the only thing I actually am frightened of.

    I'm 33 for a moment
    Still the man, but you see I'm a they
    A kid on the way
    A family on my mind

    I'm 45 for a moment
    The sea is high
    And I'm heading into a crisis
    Chasing the years of my life

    Would that be my future, that predictable? But I have to say it is true, if you see it from now's perspective. That's what everybody shall become. That's normal. But why there is something inside me that tells me I'm not going to have it as my future? It tells me that I will not having it because two things might happen. First, I am too late now. Second, I want it to be different. What shape of insecurity is this? Is it a bad thing?

    All I know is, probably when that time comes, I will still dreaming the song I was dreaming coupleteen years before. I will want to be a fifteen again.

    But If I can't do that, at least I still can say this to my children other people, right?

    "15 there's still time for you.."
    "Time to buy, Time to lose yourself within a morning star..."

    But now. This is all I've got to say:

    "15 I'm all right with you..."
    "15, there's never a wish better than this"

    When you only got 100 years to live.

    Half time goes by
    Suddenly you're wise with another blink of an eye
    67 is gone. The sun is getting high
    We're moving on...

    I'm 99 for a moment
    Dying for just another moment
    And I'm just dreaming
    Counting the ways to where you are

    15 there's still time for you
    22 I feel her too
    33 you're on your way
    Every day's a new day...

    15 there's still time for you
    Time to buy and time to choose
    Hey fifteen... , there's never a wish better than this
    When you only got 100 years to live

    Like I said, ironically, I know just the way to solve this problem. I just have to have the courage to take action. Time doesn't look back on you. It doesn't care about you. The only way to change your future, is to change it right now. Do nothing at all, like you always do Bambang, and you'll never even experience the second verse of this song.

    It's hard work when you only got 100 years to live. Time counts. Perhaps that's why it takes John Ondrasik only five minutes for fighting.

    Saturday, October 06, 2007

    God Complex


    [My Bedroom, 11 pm, blackout night]

    God : "I long to see the sunlight in your hair... and tell you time and time again how much I care. Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow. Hello?"

    Me : [Grunts] "Who's there?"

    God : "Yo! What's up! It's Me, G.

    Me : "Oh God."

    God : "Well, if that's what you kids are calling Me these days..."

    Me : "What do you want, old man?"

    God : "Hello? Excuse me? Don't you see that I'm a woman?"

    Me : "I can't. It's thickly dark here, thanks to your creation. 'PLN'."

    God : "Well at least you can hear my feminime voice..."

    Me : "What do you want old man? I haven't got all day. I'm trying to sleep here."

    God : "Don't do that. Don't call me old man, please."

    Me : "Then why did you sound like one?"

    God : [Stomps the floor with one leg and vanishes.]

    Scene One

    [On top of Smashie, on my way to the city.]

    God : [Apparates suddenly] "Hello, you."

    Me : "Hey, what's up, Goddie?"

    God : "I'm very fine, thank you. But you don't seem very fine yourself."

    Me : "I don't know. You're the God."

    God : "I am indeed."

    Me : "So what do you want now?"

    God : "I just wanna talk to you. We haven't chatted in a while now, have we? You've never called, you've never written, you've never even been mad at me... bottom line is you never pray anymore."

    Me : "What can I say, I don't believe in you anymore."

    God : "But why, my son?"

    Me : "I don't know... maybe because you don't exist?"

    God : "Hello??? I am sitting behind you right now."

    Me : "You aren't real, and even if you are, you are not doing a very good job."

    God : "Aren't I?"

    Me : "And people only need you because they need something to be an answer to all the questions they can't solve."

    God : "Is that all I am? An Answer?"

    Me : "For me, you're not. Actually, You're nothing to me.."

    God : "If we can just put that aside for a moment... I wanna chat with you about your wedding day."

    Me : "What? Now? I'm driving right now. Can't you at least find a better time?"

    God : "Sure. As you should know, God is very patient. Cya pal." [Disappearing]

    Me : "And I just said no to God." [chuckling]

    Scene Two

    [My bathroom, me taking a dump, poop-pooing, 2⅓ pm local time]

    God : [materialized abruptly] "Boo! How you're doing?"

    Me : "HOLY SHI.."

    God : [calmly] "Please don't finish that sentence."

    Me : [frustratedly] "Please don't show up like this."

    God : [still calmly] "What? You said you couldn't speak while driving. Now you are not driving."

    Me : "Oh right. I am not driving. It's a perfect time by the way. Keep looking up!"

    God : [looking down] "Oh sweet Moses!"

    Me : "What do you want now?"

    God : "Our little chat of course... about..."

    Me and God : "What myour wedding will be like."

    Me : "Why do you want me to imagine it? You can bend space and time, why don't you Hiro-Nakamura yourself in to the future and then tell me who I'll be marrying."

    God : "No.. no... no.. I want to hear you looking in to the future. You have been living in such a mess these past few months."

    Me : "So you're here to console me huh? Hm.. that's new."

    God : "If you pray for a happiness... would God give you the happiness or the chance to be happy? If you ask for a million dollars, would God give you the money or the..."

    Me : [interrupting] "Oh stop quoting Evan Almighty!"

    God : "I was not! Ugh. I hate that movie. They stole my "G" nickname and I was a black old man." [looking morose] "Anyway, about your wedding. Where will the ceremony be held?"

    Me : "Hm.. I am thinking ... a silent peaceful windy green hill would do."

    God : "Nice one there."

    Me : "Thanks G."

    God : "Wow, you called me by my nickname. How deeply touched I am. How very proud I am of you."

    Me : "Yeah, right. I'll be expecting the call from the President any minute now."

    God : "Er... well. When your bride-to-be is walking down the aisle, what music would you like to play?"

    Me : "You know, I've thought about it... and I think it's either the chorus of Canon in D or the chorus of Speeding Cars."

    God : "Really? Canon is casual, yet a romantic choice. Speeding Cars? Are you sure?"

    Me : "Yeah. I know what you're thinking. I just want the sensation to be like the graduating moment in The O.C. which was fabulous... unforgettable. Then again, I don't want the first sentence of my wedding day music to be :

    Here's the day you hoped would never come...

    you know what I mean, right?"

    God : "Yeah. Yeah. Sure. It's probably better than Gloria Gaynor's 'First I was afraid... I was petrified...' though."

    Me : "Aha.. that's probably right."

    God : "Will you sing in front of all of your invited-friends and your soon-to-be-wife?"

    Me : "The hell I will."

    God : "What song? What song? It's Raining Men?"

    Me : [glance viciously at G] "Who do you think I am? Jack McFarland from Will and Grace?"

    God : "Hahaha.. No no no.. but now as you said it.. I remember that line from the show that cracked me up."

    JACK: You don't even know me that well. Why would you just assume that I was gay? [EVERYONE LAUGHS] Are you finished? Ok. FYI, folks, most people that meet me do not know that I am gay.

    WILL: Jack, blind and deaf people know you're gay. Dead people know you're gay.

    GRACE: [ENTERING] I'm fine.

    WILL: Grace? Did you and Danny have a fight?

    GRACE: Yeah, but I-- I don't want to talk about it right now. I can't even think straight.

    WILL: That's funny. Neither can Jack.

    JACK: Grace, did you know I was gay when you met me?

    GRACE: My dog knew.

    Me : "Oh yeah. That's a good one."

    God : "So... what will you sing?"

    Me : "Hm.. I think I'll open by This I promise you, the masterpiece of Richard Marx."

    God : "Wow that's great. Oh Oh...! Will you grab your wife's hand when it reaches to 'And I will take you in my arms... and hold you right where you belong...' ?"

    Me : "Sure. Why not. I will even go down to fetch her."

    God : "Awwww..."

    Me : "Shut up! My next song will be Marc Antony's My Baby You."

    God : "That one? I cried for an hour after listening to that song. It's so sad."

    Me : "No.. no... It's a beautifully-written love song. At the end of the song, I will say "Ariana I feel so alive..." and put my wife's name instead of Ariana... except if I really marry an Ariana."

    God : "Oh.. She's not going to be Ariana. She's someone else."

    Me : "Okay then. You're the Hiro. Who's it? Cy?"

    God : "It's possible. Do you really wanna know?"

    Me : "I.. I don't... I... Stop psychoanalyzing me! And I'm pooping stuffs right now... "

    God : "Ok.. ok.. I got it. I am very much of a mind reader too, you know?"

    Me : "What? You pulled a Matt-Parkman on me?"

    God : "Hehe.. No.. Maybe... "

    Me : "Okay then. What do you think of my wedding day? Is it special?"

    God : " ... '.... the most mind-triumphing extravaganza-ish wedding party the world has ever seen in a decade...' --- N.Y. Times review. "

    Me : "Seriously?"

    God : "Haha. No." [disappears at once]

    Me : "Just when I thought lying is against the law."


    [Neverland, computer 12, 7.37 p.m.]

    God : "It's a good thing Blogger autosaved this all when it happened huh?"

    Me : "Yeah, thanks to them I didn't have to write everything all over again because some stupid blackouts."

    God : "Why are you writing all the things I've said to you?"

    Me : "I don't know... just so people around the world know that I'm OK."

    God : "Are you, now?"

    Me : [long pause] "Like what J.K. Rowling said, All was well...

    ... until you came along."