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Friday, December 01, 2006

The ABC of Growing Up

The ABC of Growing Up

[ For the very first time, I should have a clear sight of what, where, why, when and how.
I hav to first unscramble the pieces of me. Who am I? What should I do next? Where should I be? How am I going to live? Why should I live? And When, when will I be round and full?
Each piece has an extreme and significant role for me, it's the way I find myself.
The only question is how far will I succeed?
Will I, ever? ]

Try to unscramble these letters into a meaningful word.

g h i l e t n n i a x b s u e i

­­_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e

i n _ _ _ i n g u _ _ h a b _ e

Hang Man
[ Sometimes in life, I face a test with a price to pay if I should fail.
Whether it's a psychological test or it's a test for my principal,
seeing if I'm an adamant person or an insecure one?
I have the slightest opportunities to win it.
Can I ? ]

Try to guess the word below. You have six guesses.

Hint : craze, obsession, fascination, passion.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ i _ _

i _ _ a _ u a _ i o _
Incorrect entry (ies) : e

i n _ a t u a t i o n
Incorrect entry (ies) : e m s r p

[ Most times, I have plenty of choices. Like what Albus Dumbledore said,
"What a man choose is what he becomes."
But sometimes the choices are limited.
Barely enough to wake your brain up
But when that's all you've got to solve whatever problems you have,
You'll use it as your greatest strength.
Coz in time, being a good man is all about improvizations. ]

Try to make Eight 5-10 letters words with these letters given below :

Letters given :
[ v u t q a i n r s g l x n e ]

Possible Answers :

quaint taxes retax equals vexing lingers
veins angers latex triangles squirt
evils square alters single extra interns

Four Letters
[ In the end, there is always a King Battle
What would have you done the best
What would have I done the best
is simply trying to utilize those four things
that you always have.
You will be free and win
and it'll be no longer an incorporeal dream.
Love, Faith, Courage, and Hope. ]

Try to make Sixteen 4-15 letters words with these letters given below :

Letters given :
[ q n s i ]

Possible Answers :


PS :
Answer for Unscramble : inextinguishable
Answer for Hang Man : infatuation

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