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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 in the end of 2008

Wow.. it's the end of the year 2008 already... Time really does fly away. As a new age seems to be drawing nearer and nearer, things develop into more complicated than ever. I am now in the pressure of changes. The only thing I know I should be doing more right now is to change my life.

Find myself a new and better job!

Find myself a girlfriend!

Those two sentences keep ringing in my head. So I think it's resolved. My New Year's Resolution is resolved. I only ask for two things. Better Job, and a girlfriend. I hope I can have one of them (or preferrably both) this next year. The rest is already good.

Come on now, 2009!

Let see what happens with my last year's resolutions. How many exactly have I accomplished?


1. Be more happy, OK? [ Yes! I can confidently say that I've achieved this one. I've been happier this year than I'd ever been in a year. I think 2008 was a good year for me. Can 2009 be better? ]

2. Keep updating this blog. Don't ever abandon her. [ Sure thing! Mission Accomplished! And still going... ]

3. Get over Cy. I know I have been saying to myself that I have moved on, not thinking about her again. But when new things happened and something big happened about her, I know I still cared for her a lil bit. That's not good. I must get over her, completely. [ And yes! This one has been done completely as well. I'm so happy and proud of myself for knowing this for sure. ]

4. Find a girl I like. [ Haha.. I've found one. But I don't think she likes me :( ]

5. Lose more weight. I can't believe I say this. I can't even believe I think of this. But yes, sadly, I am being to fat for my own sake. I think I start becoming real fat ass since the beginning of "the stress" I had months previously. Then I joined a gym but only for a month. After that, I wished very much to go there again, but I had no time because I had to teach. Now that I've laid off some work from my schedule, it's still an absurd thing for me to go to gym. I need more free time. [ Aww.. Failed! If ever, I think I became fatter instead. Hahaha.. ]

6. Find, Track, and Buy Will and Grace season 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. Ok. It's a promise. For the information, Will and Grace is the most difficult TV series for me to find until now. I've searched in many places in Medan but they didn't have its second season DVD. I can't download them because "I'm in Indonesia". I need to think outside the box to find them, but I promise I will. [ Done! ]

7. Think of a new job, much better suited for me. A job that I really like to do. A job which defines who I am. A new job where I can meet new people, new friends, new life. Damn, this is a hard one. [ Like I've said, Failed! Man, this is tough... ]

8. If it's possible, this year, I want to buy a notebook, preferably the ACER Travelmate, the one I've locked my eyes on months before. I hope the price's decreasing a bit, so I will be able to have it. Hehe.. Wish me luck. [ Done! I bought ACER, but not travelmate. It's Aspire 4530. Better though! Hehe ]

9. The usual wishes : Find new friends, join new club, find your soul mate. [ Done! I've had new friends, I've joined a new club, but the soulmate is still at large. ]

10. Complain less, about Indonesia, PLN, suicide, loneliness and my usual pathetic life. I can't really promise, but I think I can manage to not complain much about Indonesia and PLN anymore, though. Last night, midnight, PLN had us blackout for several minutes. I was furious like usual... "perfect timing!" I said. But they seemed to have overcome the electric crisis I think. [ Actually, Done! Haha.. Done! I still complain... but that's very rare... hehehe ]

11. Save more and more money. Triple and Triple, no.. quadruple my account in the bank... We really need money in this life. [ Sadly, I failed this one. I think it's probably because I spent much on my laptop and my entertainment... ]


12. Just be Happy, Man. I deserve it. I know I do. [ Done! Hihi! ]

So, let's see....

12 tasks.

Failed 3, Succeeded 9!

Not bad. Hehehe... The Failed ones, I hope next year I can overcome them.

Happy New Year! GTG. :P

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Gift-Exchange Party

Hello, guys! Happy Christmas to all of you!

Each year, I have a different Christmas. A different way to celebrate. Sometimes it's fun and memorable and I would claim it as a great holiday.. but at other times, Christmas just sucks and lonely.

But this year's is not that. Today's Christmas experience was fallen in to the Good Category. I celebrated it by joining my friends in a gift-exchanging party. Each one must have bought one set of presents priced between Rp.80.000,- and Rp.100.000,-

I bought a simple present but a useful one, a 2GB flashdisk. And Lia was the one who got it. Hehehe.. I'm relieved she was the one on the other end. She needs one, so my gift is uselful for her.

I on the other hand, received a present from Yanti, a new friend who is both funny and nice. I got a turtle tissue-closet. Hahaha.. I don't really know how to call it. But it's great. So thank her.

Let me just post the pictures... it's been a while since my entry had a picture post of me. Hehe.. Btw, I've had a haircut.. so check it out! Hehe..

Lia got the gift from me ^^

Me and Lia, the kneeling was actually not intentional.. I knelt, she knelt.. or she knelt, I knelt.. I don't know.. somebody definitely knelt first :p

So here was the deal, each person had to pose with the present they received and with the person whom they received the present from. Hehe.. In this case above, Cia Cia got the bag Michael bought.

I got the turtle Yanti bought. :p

Steven got the headset (Ohh, I'm so jealous of his gift.. I really craved for that one :P) Lina bought. That's Reny, Lina's sister.. Lina couldn't be here.

Agustina got Novi's present.

Michael got Mei Siang's gift.

Vider got Yenni's gift.

Yanti got Sari's gift.

And Yenni got Cia Cia's self-labelled towel... :D

The day was fun. Laughter filled the air. And I was the tallest zombie in the room :p

OK. I'm not that tall. I tiptoed.

Above is a more spontaneous take. I like it :p

The Girls

In the end, it's all about the gathering. Friends, new or old ones.. I'm so glad I have them in my life. Life would be so lonely without them. Thank you all for being my friends.

Couldn't be here without you. Actually, after our party ended in Comic Garden, I still stayed there for posting this entry.. Hehe.. Yap. I'm still wearing the clothes I wore in these pictures.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Melody Bings Bangs Bongs

Merry Christmas! Or I'd say so in the next 7 hours. It's Christmas again already. One year of 2008 seems to be vanishing in the speed of light. How fast time can go sometimes you just can't comprehend. Many things change. They change you, change your friends, and change your lives. Nobody can stay still in this current of life for long.

Michael asks me to attend a Christmas party of his church's. As an atheist myself, I don't usually go to any religious party like these, but lately I've changed many things about my way of living. I may not be a Christian, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy Christmas. I like Christmas. And this year, I'm buying my first Christmas present ever. My friends --- who I'd only discovered this year --- arranged a Secret Santa kinda thing, except it's different. I don't know who will receive the present and I also have no idea whose present I will get. It's the combination of excitement and confusion which convinced me to go along with this present-exchanging party (I refused to join initially).

Yesterday was a great day. I watched that Keanu Reeves movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" with two persons I had just known. I'm different now, I can feel it. I like it! :D

Not too recently, I was introduced to a cute girl. I saw her picture and I just beamed. There's something inside me that tingled. Some weird sensation as if it's telling me that this girl would play a part in my life, and that she would be important. I decided to follow my inner instinct. We introduced ourselves via the internet. I talked to her several times, and after the third time we're chatting, I'd almost given up on her because she was so rude while she's speaking. She seemed to be so arrogant and childish and that resented me very much. I didn't see any hope, so I rested myself. I tried to ignore her.

But then she nudged me again. I replied her messages with no apparent excitement. Like a corpse talking. Yes. No. Uhuh. I was just so tired of her.

But as she continued talking, I couldn't help but notice that she's having a very bad time. And somehow I was the one person to whom she was talking at that moment. I thought that perhaps she was different from my first impression after all. How much could you tell via a messenger conversation?

So I gave her a chance, but I still annoyed her intentionally by reminding how rude and cruel she was to me. But our relationship started from there. At this point, I am still trying to get to know her.

Sometimes things just happen, don't they? Some are good, some are unexpected. And some might just blow your mind away.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mumbles in the Busies

Oh it's been a while, huh since I last updated this blog. I know.. besides the busy days I've been having, the last few days were the times when I had no inspiration at all. I didn't have anything solid to blog about, and that thought scared me. I've always had something to write in here, if not complaining about anything, I would always have something else to present. The idea of nothingness, a dry spell of creativity freaked me out. I tried to think of several reasons why this was happening to me. Turned out, it was because I was too busy with my work, and because of my last obsession regarding Joey season 2. I'm proud to say that I've successfully downloaded the whole 22 episodes. So now I'm in the process of authoring those movies into three DVD movies.

I'm so in to this DVD making job. I researched for several DVD Creator softwares to find the perfect tool. I set a high standard, so many softwares which didn't satisfied me were abandoned or uninstalled. I've tried using TMPGEnc DVD Author, which has several menu templates (not a lot, though) but didn't support movie files other than MPG. Basically it sucked. So I ventured for another one. I found ZC DVD Creator Platinum which showed alot of promises. This software supports all kinds of video files such as MPG, AVI, MOV, RM, DIVX, FLV, 3GP, WMV, MP4, and all other types. It even has more than 70 beautiful menu templates. The only thing that's bothering me was that it's incompatible with Vista, that means, this software is useless for me.

The search went on as I found Super DVD Creator and Ultra DVD Creator. Super DVD Creator is as excellent as ZC except for one terrible flaw, it can only provide one title menu, one page. So if you have 20 movies you want to put in to one DVD movie, you'd have to put all of them in one page only. Yaw, that totally sucked.

Ultra DVD Creator was the worst one I've found. It didn't even provide menu-editting. Yawn.

Finally, I came across a DVD studio Pack called Aimersoft. This was what I've been searching for. Compatible with Vista, it also has several beautiful templates which you can download more later, buttons and frames, and unlimited pages for me to tweak. It even provides transitions between videos. What a perfect software. So I'm busy using this program right now. That's why I didn't have anything to blog about, except this. Hahaha...

For what it's worth, I'm currently happy with my life. Though I am still girl-friend-less, but I'm optimistic about that... (thinking about her) ... yeah... yeah... hahahaha...

Can't be too busy, huh?

My best friend, Erick will be back to town in January. Can't wait for that. Sugi has bought himself a laptop, too. Everything will be perfect if my pocket is not empty right now. Huahahaha...

That's right. I'm flat broke right now, because my expense this month was terrible. But I am still optimistic, because in a few days, I will receive my paycheck. Hahaha... Can't wait for that.

Do you find it weird? The optimism in me? I don't know where it comes from, hahaha.. and I suppose it won't stay for too long either. See ya.

Friday, December 05, 2008

To be Known and To be Missed

In the third season of Grey’s Anatomy, Addison said something about being disappeared and unnoticed. If I were gone, nobody would notice it.” She said something like this. At the time, she was lonely, she didn’t know what to do with her life, and she didn’t have anyone to dream about.

But then Alex Karev said to her that he would notice. He would notice if she went missing.

In the eighth season of Friends, Ross said something to Joey, something that lingered in my mind. He asked him, “Have you ever been to a party and felt like nobody would miss you if you weren’t there?

How nice it would be to know that there’s somebody out there who thinks about us? To miss us when we’re gone? To wish that we’re there? To let us know how they feel about us?

Yeah, it’ll feel great to have an Alex-Karev-like kind of friend. It’s always great to have someone, like the thing that’s happening to me. I’ve come to realized that, that someone out there notices me. That’s why I come along with their plan, even though I didn’t really agree on that. Because being alone is not somewhere I wanna be again, and it feels so good to know that I'm not.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Unintended

The unexpected is what colors our life. Don't you agree? I don't like living in boredom all the time. Sometimes, people touch you in the most unexpected way. What is it to be in love? I've never really experienced anything like that. I'm so green, and yet I am craving for more.

Three days ago, Anni called me, and surprised me first by the fact that she was in Medan, and the second was that her big sister Silvia was getting married. She invited me personally.

So the next day, Sunday the thirtieth, I came to Uniland by myself. It was a wet evening. I was meeting Catherine there as well as Anni. We're the only two from our highschool. I was somewhat honoured to be there.

The wedding was ceremoniously brilliant, since Silvia's newly husband is a Master of Ceremony himself, he would know lots of people in that entertainment area. I met Darta there as well, unexpectedly, he knew the groom, Wilianto.

It's a weird yet beautiful night. Weird, because it's been a while since I last saw Anni. And to see her there, I can say that she's still the same. Some things don't change. Thanks for that.

Allow me to give you a song.

You could be my unintended,
Choice to live my life extended,
You could be the one I'll always love.

You could be the one who listens,
To my deepest inquisitions,
You could be the one I'll always love.

I'll be there as soon as I can,
But I'm busy mending broken,
Pieces of the life I had before.

First there was the one who challenged,
All my dreams and all my balance,
She could never be as good as you.

You could be my unintended,
Choice to live my life extended,
You should be the one I'll always love.

I'll be there as soon as I can,
But I'm busy mending broken,
Pieces of the life I had before.

I'll be there as soon as I can,
But I'm busy mending broken,
Pieces of the life I had before.
Before you.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgivings!

Or not, really. Since we don't really celebrate any Thanksgivings here in Indonesia. I mean, there were never any Indians here in Indonesia, and if there were, they wouldn't be teaching the Pilgrims how to catch eels or whatnots. They would be teaching the old Sriwijaya people how to dance and sing and just enjoy everything the Lord gave them... and then thank Him.

Look at me, I'm rambling. Thanksgivings is a good holiday. It brings family together. I am sad because we don't do it here. We should, though. Because this country has gone from bad to, well, really bad. And we all kinda need something like this. The turkey and the cranberry sauce, the mash potatoes and Macy's Day Parade...

Or of course, over here you'd call it : Mangga Dua's Day Parade, or something like that.

But if there was a Thanksgiving in Indonesia, what would I be thankful for?

Today, I am thankful for the not-so-bad internet connection right now in Comic Garden which lets me to download Joey pretty fast. Hehe..

I'm also thankful for Lenka Kripac, and her song "Trouble is a friend" which I'm totally in to right now. Hehehe.. Listen up below! This is a great song.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jo Jo Joey!

My old pal from Friends, Joey Tribbiani has been visiting me again. This time, I am dying to see all the episodes from its second season which got canceled years ago due to the horrible ratings. It's pretty unfair, since the rating went down because the NBC producers were all idiot placing Joey's second season time slot in rival with American Idol. Joey is great, but we all knew he wouldn't stand a chance against American Idol. C'mon, NBC! This looked like they intentionally put down this show. They gave up! Wouldn't even give it a second chance.

But as a fan, all I can do is to say that Joey would have made it if it were given another chance, another time slot, perhaps. But it never happened, and Matt Le Blanc has never acted since then.

I owe it to Joey to at least finish watching the show. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to download all the episodes and I'll watch them. So far, I've downloaded six of them. I can't buy this season because they don't sell it anywhere. I've looked. Trust me.

Btw, here are the links from the vexatious rapidshare... I keep them here so I can easily click them in the future.

It gives me a pleasure to say, out of the blue...

"How're you doin'?"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lia's Birthday

NOTE : UPDATED! Yay! [ Originally posted on November 11, 2008 ]

We all had been waiting for Lia's birthday ever since we went back from our trip to Parapat in the beginning of last October, that was because we had been so excited to gather again after the three-day-trip that we had been looking for any excuses for us to meet, and Lia's birthday had been the perfect opportunity. We had thought that her birthday was on October 11, but that was her Chinese birthday, and her real birthday was a month from that...

November 9, and that was last Sunday. Lia celebrated her special day in NAV karaoke, which was a very great idea according to me, a person who likes to sing. Soon, her special day wouldn't only be special for her. It was a special day, pardon me to say, for all of us.

The first time I saw Lia that day was when I entered the Room number 2 on the first floor of NAV karaoke. She was wearing a pretty gown that suited her, making her very beautiful that day. She had already sitting there besides the girls : Cia Cia, Yenni, Yuvina, and two guys Apau and Bandy. I greeted her and shook her hand, wishing her a happy birthday first hand.

Then we all began to sing. The party became bigger and bigger when Steven and the rest joined us. Michael and Felix were the last to come.

The first two of five hours there were spent by lots of chatting and singing. The atmosphere was almost chaotic when chatters and voices from microphones and the sound systems banged our ears. But all we could do was laughing and going on singing. We ordered our drinks, coupleteen bottles of mineral water to be efficient. But then Lia ordered like 18 more.

I was like : "What? How are we supposed to finish all this water?"

But I was about to find out that I was dead wrong. (Keep reading...)

The group... seen separately

Around 8 o'clock, we paused singing, and the room suddenly became quiet and still despite our ears were still echoing from the past melodies. Yenni grabbed the microphones and the door was slammed open, followed by a cake, sorry... two pieces of cakes, one big one and one small one.

We all sang Happy Birthday as the screen started to play the song. Yenni and I were the one holding the microphones, so our voices were the loudest and clearest. But we weren't paying the slightest attention about the loudness of our voices because that moment was all about Lia. She was smiling brightly when she blowed out the 25-shaped candles. I couldn't be more happier for her.

She made a wish (which she wouldn't want to tell us, and it's super fine by me anyway, hahaha), and then she was forced to pick a guy for her to feed the cake to. She picked Steven for his "burden". "He was the most meticulous and the busiest person regarding my birthday." Lia said something like this.

We all cheered for her, and him too. After Steven's embarrassing cake-feeding, Lia cut the cake and divided it for all of us. We all got a piece.

Let us see the pictures from those beautiful moments :

Happy Birthday, Lia.
Making a wish...
The Two Cakes we bought for her.
Everybody's singing for her.

See Lia's face.. huahahaha
And she's cutting the cake...
couldn't help but notice the girls camwhoring while lia's cutting the cake all alone...
and what's with Yuvina's eyes? lolz

And here comes the feeding part..

I'd never seen her so happy before.. this one above was one spontaneous take. I really like this one.
That's Lia feeding Yenni, the first girl she chose, right after Steven though.. LOL
in this picture above, Lia's face seemed shier than usual. Hahaha...
She passed the slices of cakes to each of us..

Then our dinner came, and we had to finish our dinner before we ate the cake. The massive number of bottled drinks were all out. We drank them all. Turned out singing while eating was a very thirsty activity. :D


The singing continued while we're eating. I sang a lot of songs, and even the most sealed mouth girl sang many songs. That's Lia, by the way. She was the party. So she had to sing. Hehehe...

Lia sang the song "I'll never break your heart" solo. It was beautiful, probably because I sat beside her and even I couldn't hear her voice. Hehe.. (I'm kidding).

The climax was perhaps when Lia opened our presents one by one. Laughter after laughter never left the room.

See it below..

first present, what could it be?
Oh.. it's a silver shirt from us.. steven, sugi, and I bought it for her.
and that's a pair of new shoes which were turned out to be larger than expected.
Suwandi bought her a special present for her, the dolls were from me and the gang also..

The craziest thing was that Hendry had prepared a mouse (aka a fake rubber mouse) that was so disgusting, and wrapped it as a present for Lia to open under closed eyes.

Apau was the one handing the "secret" present for Lia..

Lia screamed and threw the box away. The boys were exploding with laughter as the girl screamed and asked "What the hell is that?". They didn't see it properly because Lia threw it away so quickly. So the guys picked it out, and Steven took a picture of it. Then I grabbed the mouse's tail and hanged it upside down in the air so everyone could see.

Laughter broke from the boys again followed by the big "EWWWW!" and "AAAAAAAA" from the girls. After that point, we were just messing with each other, Riwan threw the mouse all over the place, and the girls' feet were on the couch. The noise was so loud I wondered why the waiters outside our room didn't break in running and asking what the hell was going on.

Extended pictures :

Look at Steven's face.. huahaha
The girls were actually showing their thumbs :D
Lia's singing I'll never break your heart... Look at Yenni's and my mouth hahaha.. "You"
Later that night, Fera gave Lia her present..
keep on singing.,..
These four takes were taken by me... hehehe
The birthday girl.
As the bottles were filling the table, I took the liberty to shape the word LIA and then took a picture of it. Hehehe...

The party ended after five hours of bliss and good time. Great time. The whole party felt like only half an hour. One of the most memorable moments that night was when we're all singing a song called "Kemesraan". I was the one suggesting the song. Yenni was the one suggesting the mic passing. Each of us sang one or two sentences from the song and then we passed the microphones to each other. It was just the greatest joy one gathering should be like.

All of us together! I'll try to mention the names one by one from the left : Sugi, Riwan, Apau, Michael. Hendry, Steven, Achuan, Bandy, Hendrik, Suwandy, Yuvina, Lia, Fera, Yenni, Lia, Me, and Felix.

We parted ways at 10.15 that night and after I went home, Lia's text on my cell told me that she was having one hell of a great day, and that she thanked all of us before wishing us a good night sleep.