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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Trip To Parapat : Day One

OK, so I know I’ve been inactive on this blog for almost a week now, but I have my reasons. I’m traveling to Lake Toba with my friends on October 2nd, 2008. It’s so good a trip that I’ve been wishing we’re still having it. I really didn’t want it to end. But since I can’t control everything the way I wanted it, I’ll try to relieve my longing by sharing the experience here on this very blog of mine. This entry will be one hell of a recap. For the three days we’re there, I’ll document all of the memorable moments here, and so I’m going to start by Day One : October 2nd, 2008.

It was a Thursday, a day I’ve known to myself a bad day in my past. But now, I guess things have changed. Thursday no longer is a bad day for me.

Our little journey starts when Michael called me one day, to ask me if I wanted to be a part of the journey. I said yes, and so did other eighteen people who were : Michael, Cia Cia, Riwan, Yenni, Lia, Yuvina, Steven, Asiong, Hendrik, another Hendrik, A Chuan, Suwandy, Bandy, Ngariwan, Apau, Ellys, Susanty and Vera.

Seven girls and twelve guys, we began our journey in front of Sun Plaza, in a cold morning of October 2, the second day of Idul Fitri Holiday. While we’re waiting for the bus to pick us up, our journey had been surprised by something. A building near the Cambridge apartment had been on fire. We didn’t know what building that was, and I even thought that it was the Cambridge. But after we’re back from the trip, I learned that it was a restaurant on Gajah Mada Street.

But our bus eventually arrived, and we’re finally heading for Tebing Tinggi. It took about two and half hours. There, we picked up Cia Cia, Yenni and Lia. The journey continued to Pematang Siantar, which took yet another hour. There, we stopped at Yuvina’s house for lunch.

The bus was more crowded than ever after that, with twenty one people (including two drivers) and nineteen heavy bags, and a bunch of plastics that contained food, noodles, snacks, and our equipments. But in spite of that, we’re actually having fun. We’re singing by ourselves, since the lame bus didn’t provide us with any music devices. I was asked to sing first, probably because of my infamous reputation everytime we karaoke together :D. So I sang a song telling a story of Riwan’s childhood. It was a good start. They all laughed and didn’t hesitate to sing anymore.

We also took our time to snap some photos. The girls were sitting behind me, so I took theirs first.

Some of us were sleeping, and some of us pretended to sleep to avoid the necessity to sing and being photographed. LoL, if they thought they could get away so easily, they’re so wrong.


That’s Riwan in the green shirt pretending to be sleeping, Michael on his left was actually sleeping, since he hadn’t slept in three days, and he was about to do that again for another three days. Sugi on the right, seemed to be sleeping, but he was also pretending.

Apau was sitting next to me, he was surreptitiously taking Steven’s picture when he’s sleeping. Now that’s just creepy. Hahaha.

Yep! Creepy :D

Later, Cia Cia took my picture using my phone. Ermm, where is it? Let me post it… Nah.. here you go :

Time after time, we’re finally approaching Lake Toba as our bus started to climb the slanted street.

We’re seeing Lake Toba for the first time, and I didn’t forget to record pictures and a video of it. Check it out below.

The first view

We arrived our villa (Pelangi Resort) in Parapat at approximately 2 p.m. We’re excited and not to mention leg-cramped, leg-numbed, and leg-bruised. Haha. So we’re taking out our things and checked in to our room.

We had two rooms reserved, only two. That means seven girls were about to join into one small bedroom with only one bed. If you think that’s bad, wait till you hear about the guys, who snucked in to a bed room with two small beds. And oh yeah, we’re twelve people.

After resting for several minutes, we decided to go to Hotel Niagara. There, we spent all of our afternoon, wandering all around the places, goofing around, taking lots and lots of pictures together, and just hung out. It’s so beautiful there. I’d never been there before, so I was amazed more than I could imagine.

Let’s just see the pictures we took. They’re massively a LOT, I warn you.

This picture above is when we’re just arriving there. We’re fooling around and couldn’t make up our minds as to where and what we’re gonna be doing. It’s all jokes after jokes. Haha. I like that.
But then we made up our minds, Steven took the first picture of us in Niagara. It was seven girls together. Very nice, huh?

From left : Lia, Ellys, Susanty, Yuvina, CiaCia, Yenni, and Vera.

Want to know the process of taking that particular picture? Here’s the “Behind the scene”.

I was standing several steps from them when Steven took the picture. That’s Steven on the left below, and that’s the girls posing.

The funny thing is I also accidentally took the picture of Sugianto aka Asiong while he’s talking to me. That’s him wearing black shirt. He’s pointing at me and saying (while laughing), “Wakaka bukannya hip cabo i lang lu malah hip steven!”

The translation for that is “Look! There’s an UFO behind you!”

Hehe.. I’m just kidding. Actually he’s asking me why I was taking Steven’s picture instead of the girls’.

And then it’s the guy’s turn…

From left : (above) Suwandy, Hendrik, Steven, Michael, Ngariwan, Bandy, Apau, and Riwan.
From Left : (below) Hendrik, Sugianto, A Chuan, and me.

Below is another picture of the guys. I guess sometimes it’s the males who are more narcissistic. Lolz

Although perhaps it’s because the view was so damn beautiful that we thought it’d be great if we memorize it. At least that’s my reason, and I mean it, too.

So we entered Niagara :

I will post several photos of my friends when we’re in Niagara. The pictures I took were 172 total, and Steven took 202 pictures, Sugianto took about 30, and I still haven’t got a hold from Yuvina’s camera, which I guess would save about one hundred photos. So there are about 500 photos as far as I know. I think that’s still a small number. Heh!

Enjoy some of them :

Apau, Ngariwan, Asiong, Bandy, Michael, and I.

That’s the cool and friendly Sugi. He’s a terrific mechanic.

That’s Ayen and Steven. Also that’s Apau and Bandy.

Both of this guy were named Hendrik. Hehe.. They’re both cool and funny. That’s them with the eye-popping beautiful views of Lake Toba from Niagara Hotel.

That’s Hendrik and Suwandy. They just knew how to pose, didn’t they?

That’s me, Ngariwan, and Bandy. My picture was a little blurry, unlike Ngariwan and Bandy’s. It’s taken by Sugi. Hehe.

Me and Susanty, then again me and Yenni.

There were two Riwans in Niagara. The first was Ngariwan, and the second was Riwan without the Nga.

That’s Michael and Riwan walking in the shades of stones. I’ve been there myself. And it hurt like crazy on my feet. And that’s Steven with a great view behind him.

Yenni and Cia Cia while entering Niagara. I took two pictures of this cute girls.. where the second one includes two statues that looked like them. :D

After a long day of fun in Niagara, we all had to go back to our villa at some point. But I promised myself to come back to this hotel again at one night to Karaoke. But I followed my friends heading back to the villa. We took showers and got ready for the night. It’s a little tricky, too, see… we had twelve guys and only one bathroom. That means we took turn. It took us an hour and half for all of us being showered. And after our dinner arrived, we got downstairs to eat in the silhouette-y park. It’s dark and romantic. And it’s facing the lake too. I took some pictures of night’s glory of Lake Toba. Oh yeah, there was a show of fireworks too.

When we were all full and fresh, then it’s time for game night.

We’re playing the popular “Police|Thief” game using a set of bridge cards. We made a big circle in the girls’ room, and the loser would be castigated with a dare.

I think this could easily be the best time in our trip this time. We stayed out late and screamed non-stop, wondering if our neighbours would be deeply annoyed or just slightly annoyed, (oh yeah, they’re definitely annoyed :D). I was lucky enough and never lost once. Therefore, I didn’t get tortured or humiliated or anything. At least that’s what happened that night.

But here are the guys who did get dared…

Ngariwan here was forced to make an expression of a person with his heart broken by a girl he truly loved. He tried so hard and we all laughed like insane wolves.

Cia Cia also got dared. She was forced to declare her undying love to one guy she chose. I forgot who, and this picture below barely caught her sign of kiss-blowing :P

Sugi was asked to show his deepest depressed expression… and out of nowhere, he came out with a possessed expression instead.

And then there were Steven and Yuvina, who was forced to comb Steven hair. She was shy and unwilling to do it, so Apau demonstrated how to do that, and then after we persuaded her, she eventually did comb Steven’s stiff hair. Lolz.

Also, Michael and Yenni were asked to dance vigorously, but in the end, it’s only Michael who danced… And it’s also for just a moment. Nevertheless, it was a fun atmosphere so I recorded a small video of it, I don’t wanna forget those moments…

It’s the end of the first day already, but I still was craving for more. It’s been so long since I last felt anything like this sentiment. I really didn’t want it to end.

[read Day Two right here]

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