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Monday, June 09, 2008

Insane Pictures Time!

So Here's the deal. I was so voiceless last night that we all couldn't go to Karaoke. Instead, we decided --- out of the blue --- to take a photo shoot. Scratch that, several photo shoots.

Without anymore procrastination, let me present the shameful yet prideful result of last night's insanity...

First, the introduction...

Six people, just like Friends, yeah, if you count Riwan as a girl. :D


This pose is pretty cool. Somehow, it looks like a human pagoda.

Uh... in this next picture ...

.. I was brutalized and viciously raped :R plus the photographer told the girls to cover their noses as if some beautiful scent was coming from my armpit.. __>.<__>
But I got my revenge...

Michael's balls were ripped off.

I like this circle pose, seems cliche, but actually pretty good.

The girls even caught us peeing. Huahahaha... Best Photo Ever!

They were wiggy, they were spoily, they were banci. Huehuehuehue.

And there were moments where we told our deepest desire, the love of our hearts, to the faces right in front of us. There'd be no judging. PS : LOOK AT THE HOMO GUYS ABOVE!!! lolz...

There were some arguments, so Michael got thrown into the ocean... :DD

Oh yeah, we even did chicken dance... while pointing like a sissy..

A circle is always roundedly closed, right?

And for the final photo, it's the one I put a great effort to make, since everybody was piling on top of me, suffocated me, tinkled me, and basically tortured me. It was also the funniest picture of all. There, I was raped the second time...


In the end, it's all about laughing. Do you know the best part of having a photoshoot is? It's the funny moments when you were shot.


1 comment:

  1. ouch my eyes. haha~ so many vain photos.. hahah! but yeah, it is cool yeah~~~ can see you are soooo happy. good for you then.;DDDD

    enjoy your life moreee kies?