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Friday, December 15, 2006


Rachel was very happy that day. She was walking alone in a peaceful park with green grass dancing beneath her feet. No burden that hasn’t been lifted. She thought she has reached the ultimate level of happiness, but she was wrong. Because she was destined to be even happier than she already was. Rachel spotted a bird through the corner of her eyes. It was a beautiful blue shiny bird flying not too high up the ground. Instinctively, Rachel chased after it. She was eagerly following the path of the bird. And then, finally the bird perched on a woody branch. Rachel moved closer to it, slowly put out her hand to caress its feather. It didn’t move, as if it was waiting for Rachel to touch it.

Rachel held the bird gently on her palm. That felt good. But suddenly it flew straight up to the sky, but it didn’t leave her. Instead, Rachel was being up lifted as well. Rachel was flying. She was incredulously astonished. She looked down to the earth she had just abandoned seconds ago, and it was getting smaller and smaller. The bird must have done something to her. She then looked at the bird, who was flying beside her, kinda smiling at her. She swore she had listened it saying “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

But Rachel wasn’t scared at all. In fact, this was what she had wished for this whole time. She was flying and moving freely the way she liked it. She was up in the sky. She touched the clouds, it was wet. She was in peace, with soft wind swirling her tenderly. She was living her deepest dream, which everyone would have always had as well.

But I guess everything has to come to one point. Birds don’t live for ages, even for the special ones. The sky doesn’t always as clear as the one in your very wishes. Sometimes it’s raining, dark, or even stormy. And the anti-gravity thing will sure come to an end. Now Rachel cannot fly anymore. She doesn’t need a God to tell her why. She remains earthbound now. She is another normal human being now. She always lives nearby and she does all her usual stuffs now. She may be sad for leaving her ability, or even for realizing that she has to let go, but if there is one thing to hold her up, to keep her smiling and happy, it’ll be the memory of her flying high above the sky (or the thought that she will be able to fly again, one day).

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