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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best Day of the Week

Like the moth seeking for the light, I too have been seeking for the feeling of calm and happy, and I have found out that the only place I can find that, besides my own bedroom, is when I'm with my friends. Especially my old friends.

Earlier in my week, I was busy improving my Smashie. It's been so long since I took care of my beloved bike. I've been so lazy and guilty over her. But it's OK now, since she had found new body and organs. She is happy. Hehe. These are two pictures I took from the "operation". Smashie said she's a little embarassed her tireless body being displayed here, but I said, "It's OK".
(Man, should I need a therapy or am I just crazy? :P )

And that's all about Smashie. The day after, my usual weekend friends went to K2, to spend our voucher. It was a good night. Lots of singing, but not quite lot enough. Hehe.. Here are some photos I took. I don't have me in that photo though. It was not a right night.

Haha. I knew, the captions are all wrong, or are they? :P


And that's all about the night Karaoke. The night after, we went to play bowling. This time, it's Friday. I asked them to go there because I had a rough day at work.
(Yeah, I've started my work again). I needed some refreshment, and so there was the bowling played out. Here are some pictures from the game. Oh how much I love this game.


And that's all about bowling that night. The next day is today. And today may just be the best day all week. I meet with my old friends today. They are in town, and most of us haven't met each other in years.

We plan to meet in
NAV Karaoke, not by my suggestion, but which I approved. I had never been to NAV before, so this was my first experience. Usually I go to K2. Nav is different. The songs are a lot, much more than K2's. There are some songs exist in Nav which don't in K2. For the example : "Leaving on the jet plane", "Everything I do, I do it for you" (Clay Aiken Version), "Angel" (Jessica Simpson Version), "Unfaithful", "Graduation", etc etc. The song selecting method is better than K2 too.

The downside of Nav is that the videos are mostly fake, as in not original video clips by the artists, unlike K2, who has more original videos. And the queuing method of Nav is bad too. The room is bigger, though less decorated if compared to K2. But the price is more reasonable.

Nevertheless, it's a very pleasurable time I have in there. There are Meiwina and her boyfriend Hendra, Merry, her sister, Anni, Wulan Dari, and Fransiska. Rotua, Harianto, Johan and Catherine can't make it, though.

Personally, I never hear them sing before.
Meiwina is a fierce singer. Her voice is so delicate and rough at the same time and it can make you ask for more. Huehuehue. We sing duet "Before I fall in love". Fransiska's voice is small at times, and loud at other times. She has it all going on. We sing duet "This Love" which video has the sex scene. Cool! Anni's voice is also delicately mysterious. She can yell and make you lose your own voice, even at one song "Thong Hua", her voice drowns mine. We dueted a lot of songs from the first song "The day you went away", from Jacky Cheung's must-sing song "In love with you" until the mandarin classic "U sing sang hai" until the last song "Ai hen cien tan". That's cool. Merry's voice is another thing. She's different from her sister. She is tough and unpredictable. She sings alot of BSB songs. We dueted one of them, "All I have to give". Wulan's voice is the most capricious of all. She makes me laugh all the way. Every time she sings, we all can do nothing but laugh. She's so funny and the way she sings is just too hilarious. As crazy as it may sounds, we duet "Unfaithful" by Rihanna together. Of course, I stop halfway through due to the excess of laughing. Hahahahaha.

The three-hour singing doesn't tire us a little bit. We continue to have dinner at Pizza Hut then. When the night is over, and after I drove Anni home, now I'm feeling tired. But this really is a great day for me. So I don't think I can forget this day. The day of friendships, melodies, and lots of fun.

Now enjoy the pictures.

Like I said, the best day in weeks.

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