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Monday, November 27, 2006

- Soul Mate -

Once upon a time in this despicable earth, four thousands and sixty six years ago, when the world was just a flatland above the sea, human was just an incomplete creature with no purpose in life and a little faith in love.

Each man on earth had four legs, four arms, two heads, two lungs, four eyes, two brains, but only one heart. There was no gender. No sexual intercourse. No falling-in-love shit. No life-dilemma. No such thing.

But there was this one beautiful human whose gorgeousness was the most adorable among all of the other human beings. She was the most charming person anyone could imagine. So beautiful that she made Helen of Troy looked like a baboon. So beautiful that she made the rain stopped falling down around her glistening body.

This piece of information was eventually heard by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, who was reputed as beautiful but nefarious. Aphrodite was insanely jealous of her. And so she set down a curse to all mankind which curse is still continuing up to now. She broke the law of the Universe and split each man into two. Each man then had only two arms and legs, one head, and half a heart. And as if it wasn’t enough, she then put down another curse so that we wouldn’t be able to recognize who our other half is, or where to find her.

From that moment, every human had one purpose in life, to find his or her soul mate, for when that time comes, he should be able to unpuzzle his heart, and share the love inside. For that to happen, each man has to have a big faith in love. Aphrodite is no more around. But her curse is.

How do we suppose to be sure who our other half is, or for what it is, our soul mate? Is it when we find someone we love and loves us back the way we are? Or is it when we find someone very similar to us? Is she the one who can break my heart? Is she the only one in this world?

I didn’t mean to remythologize anything, nor did I really believe any of it. Man could have had seven heads, and Aphrodite could have been an alcoholic hooker for all I care. But soul mate is as genuine as love itself, although we can’t see it sometimes. Finding our soul mates isn’t the biggest challenge of all, though it’s too damn difficult. No, the biggest challenge is, when you do find her, does she feel the same way? Because being my soul mate doesn’t make you mine.

And that’s what I have to live with. [the story of] My life.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Soliloquial Behaviour

Hello. I am a soliloquist. I am the soliloquist. In case you don't know, a soliloquist is a person who talks about something in no particular reason when nobody's around. A soliloquy (plural : soliloquies) is the conversation he leads. The point is, there is no point. Just read what you want, say what you like. Comment what you must. This is one blog which full of selfishnesses, unspoken love, vexations, and nothing spectacular. For this is my first post, I'd better say that I don't wish you all to know me. The dark and sealed side of me. Have a nice day.