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Monday, December 25, 2006

Midnight Crisis

Well, it is 25th December 2006, Christmas is here. The day we all have NOT been waiting for. How was my Christmas Eve? Huh? Besides watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on a pitiful TransTv? Well, my cell was a little preoccupied. I sent and received a lot of greeting messages, all those kinds of crap. Hehe… I was hungry but couldn’t eat after I cook myself some questionable food. :p And this crazy idea crawled thru my mind. I mean, it’s already one o’clock in the morning… what’s better to do on a Christmas day, than to go outside the house in the very midnight, taking some stupid pictures, quavering in cold air, and pretend that I’m a supermodel? (I hope you know I am being sarcastic ^^) Hahaha. So my little sister and I planned and did the whole thing while all of the others here were asleep. We then sneaked outside—two morons of the day, HoHoHo...

(Quoting Jack Bauer)
The following occurred between 2.00 a.m. and 3.00 a.m. on Christmas day 2006.

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If you're wondering what I was doing in this picture above, I was just standing in the dark coz I'd been tired and sleepy and my sister took this picture spontaneously...

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This is my younger sister, Sian Fei, check out her stupid expression below (^_^)

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And there are still alot of pictures.. all momentous and some are just creepy...

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Look at this picture closely, that was the silhouette of me and my sister.. Haha.. a bit creepy. And that hand of mine.. I like that one.. haha.. very artie..

And that’s the first thing I do on Christmas. What’s the first thing YOU do?
Happy Christmas everybody!


  1. OoOoo.. How I love to see your picture again and again jel..!! Your picture is so lovely .... who is the photographer by the way? menjijikan!!! haha..

    ANyway, jel, what is the first thing I do on Christmas?? Well, I was soliloquizing of how amazing the movie I watched. haha.
    Anyway, nice post with so many pictures.. you are certainly my loyalist (coz lu penuhi permintaan wa untuk penuhi blog lu dengan poto2) and .. yup, your post is gradually not as desperate as the previous posts.. and I m so happy to it.. at last! haha..

    Btw, jel i oso wanna congrats you coz you found something to do on your christmas, eg. mendorong kodok ke parit, bergaya as model (TNTM=Tembung Next Top Model). N probably your sense of narsisme tertular dari gua.. bagus lar.. anak murid wa yang pertama.. haha..

    Another new year jel.. mayb you sudn't hate it.. haha.. cya jel!!

  2. Hahaha.. Thank you again for being so nice and telling me that my picture (not plural) is lovely.. (but I keep wondering why I always remember when u said my pictures are ugly) Hehe..

    Well.. as you wish.. this is a non-desperate(to you) and full of foto-blog hahaa..

    And yeah.. it's another year alr.. in a few moment only.. haih.. do u have something regretful about this year? haha.. maybe u should post something about recapping your year.. and maybe i should do so..

    Cya Jel. Thx

  3. Tes satu dua tiga, tes satu dua tiga... Dasar bambang, dipaksa kasi komen....

    Balik2 nraktir pizza hut ya atau sate huahauauhauahuah...

    Btw picturenya mayan2 hem hem... bilang aja bagus biar ditraktirnya banyak

    Ingat lo, pizza tambah chicken wing tambah es krim nyam nyam nyam

    OK uda yaaa sampe ketemu di Medan