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Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Dog's Life

There is a day in your life you called a very long day, due to a lot of things happened on that one day, but today is not that day. Today was a simple normal day with the combination of abnormal sequences of unfortunate and fortunate events, all in one day.

Earlier today, I was busy. But I was always busy these last few days—which was the reason I couldn’t post anything new on this blog on a daily basis. I was delivering something to someone in someplace with my dad today. He usually does that by his own, but today he needed transport and that’s where I came in. So I went with him to this house, and there was a little puppy welcoming us—an awfully ugly puppy with pockmarks all over its dirty white body, exuberant eyes and a jolly waving tail. He welcomed us with no barking sound at all even though we were strangers to him. My dad said that every time he had come to this place, the dog had always greeted him happily as well, but when he was about to leave, the dog would sure be barking fiercely at him.

I found it weird and very unlikely, but when the time has come for me and my dad to leave, the dog barked at us constantly without taking a break to even breathe. His face reflected anger of which I didn’t understand. Was the dog sad for we leaving him? Was he barking because he was furious with his life? I mean, he was living there all by himself. I thought that he had to be so lonely that he was so pleased to see a stranger visiting him. And when he saw that the stranger was leaving him, he remembered how it was to be lonely, and that it’s killing him. And so he’s furious.

In this life, sometimes you can see your life is being lived by another person, whether he’s your beloved soul mate, or he’s a character from the TV Show you always see, or he is a dog barking at you. You can try not to try to understand every little bit of your life, but deep inside you, you’ve always wanted an explanation. Who can give that better than a hideous dog meandering around in front of his own house telling you not to leave?


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  2. your words are touching my heart. i can feel the feeling being lonely and being not accompanied by fren n family.

    it is sad n sorrow...