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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Not So Frequently Asked Questions


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1. Who are you? What’s your name? Who the hell are you?
— Name’s Bam Superwan (pronounced SuperOne). I’m a soliloquist. I’m a blogger who doesn’t care about anything except his own life. Constantly complaining and being desperate, selfish might be the right word.

2. I can’t seem to find “soliloquial” in my dictionary. Could you please tell me what’s that? And what about “soliloquist”, “soliloquize”, “soliloquy”, “soliloquies”, and all that nonsense?
— You’re right. Soliloquial isn’t a real word. I made it up. It’s an adjective for soliloquism—which I also created. It’s like ventriloquial for ventriloquist. Nah, that one you can find on the dictionary. Soliloquist is a person who talks to himself, having conversations and sort of. Soliloquize is the verb. For more explanation: here.

3. Why do you choose the word soliloquist? Why do you blog?
— Geez, one question at a time. Why soliloquist? Cause when a crazy old person lived all by himself, he would need a thing, like a snake, so that his neighbors could yell… “Watch out for the snake! Watch out for the crazy man with the snake!!!” Got me? Why do I blog? coz I am lonely and I love to write.

4. So you’re crazy, huh?
— Well, that depends. Do you call yourself crazy?

5. I have seen your blog but there are too many words on it, which caused me not want to read it.
— It’s OK. You can just linger here, listen to a repetitive song, click on wherever you like, or you can just press ALT + F4 and calm your CPU Usage.

6. I have read all your posts and I love it. I think you’re great. And oh yeah… I’m a pretty girl wearing a red shirt.
— Marry me.

7. Your blog has too many accessories.
— Yeah, what’re you going to do about it?

8. You have lots of seriously grammatical errors. You probably should learn how to speak English properly before creating your own blog.
— Oh, sorry. I doesn’t mean to confused you. I thinked my English are OK enough for you to understands. Maybe you can corrects my English skill on this one : “BITE ME!”

9. Do you like Harry Potter? What else do you like?
— Harry Potter, Backstreet Boys, BoA, Drew Barrymore, and serial TV such as Friends, 24, Lost, Smallville, the 4400, etc

10. What is it that you despise? What is your biggest fear? I want to send you a birthday present and I can’t think of the perfect one…
— Lonely. Loneliness. Being alone. Seclusion. Solitude. There, you can pick one.

11. I wish to email you. I want to know you better. I want to be your friend. Can I know your email?
— You can message me from my Friendster page, then I shall give you my personal email address.

12. So I took that quiz of yours and damn! I didn’t know a thing about you.
— I know. I failed too.

13. Are you gay?
— No. Why?

14. Harry Potter? Soliloquist? Lonely? Blogging? Dude… You are so lame.
— Thankz Dude.

15. Do you have a girlfriend?
— Not yet. Nobody is wearing a red shirt here.

16. I heard that you don’t believe in God. Really?
— No, I don’t believe in god.

17. Then how are you planning on living this life?
— I don’t plan. I just live.

18. After reading this nsFAQ, I finally realize I’m wasting my time. Goodbye!
— Bye bye …!

19. After reading this nsFAQ, I finally realize that you are my soulmate.
— I know you do.

20. You do believe in…
— soulmate? Yeah.

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