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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Month until Harry Potter 7

I still remember back in December when I first learned about the title of book 7, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and became very excited about it. Well, just so you know... the excitement of waiting to read the final book of Harry Potter non-stop-ly for several days has become more and more blatant, there is not a day I don't think about that book. Hikz.. How can JK Rowling torture me this much? How can she make me wait this long...? Hahaha...

Actually I have no idea what to post today. I wrote about "Ten Reasons Why Indonesia Sucks" but after half way, I abandoned it for no reason. Maybe I was bored and lazy, or maybe Indonesia has sucked way beyond my imagination. HeuHeu.. I like that thought. Damn it! I've promised myself to complain less about Indonesia. Hahaha.. So I won't say no more in that matter. *sealed mouth*

Anyway, back to Harry Potter. It's confusing sometimes to think and think (and think and think) how can JK Rowling can tie up all the loose ends in the books and still have to tell Harry's long long long journey to find and destroy all Voldemort's horcruxes in only 612 pages of book.

Earlier I wrote all the questions yet to be answered in the final book on a file in Microsoft Word, and so far it has reached 60 questions. Hahaha.. I know what you think. It's probably sound a bit crazy and obsessed (a bit?), but it has all the advantages later, you know, when I read the book or when I finish reading it. I can check back and see if I get all the answers I wanted, and if there are several questions left to be mysteries.

Ah.. Only 30 days later until I finally get my own book. I have been choosing carefully (and confusedly) of which version I will buy later, the Adult Version, or the Children Version? I have always bought the children versions before because back then, it was hard to find the adult's. If I am to complete my collection correctly, then I should buy that version. After all, the decoration of this version is better than the adult one. Then again, I think it's time to let go and "try" to own an adult version for a change. Plus, it is the final book and I will have no other chance again. And the cover isn't so bad. Look at the news below (at right). The cover is in someway cooler than the other one.

[both Children version and Adult version respectively]

Well, what do you think? Which one do you think I should get? Help me choose, ok.

Ah... I am so hungry right now.. I think I should be off, have my late dinner. This post is solely dedicated to myself. Hope I can make it through July 21. Urrrgh! I just can't wait. Nah! You can't blame me for this. I am possibly the greatest Harry Potter fan in Indonesia.

No, I'm kidding. Only in Medan lar.

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