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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Bright day, just like today, It was a bright day eight years ago. As I recalled it very clearly, June 6 1999, it was such a happy day for me. I was still about 13 back then. With a very little understanding for love, I journeyed my life as what it is, asking nothing more, but hoping so much more. I was so contented the whole day that I chose to remember this date, this number, and let it be my most favorite number.

Today is the ninth Belia day, or what I like to call it : B’Day. The previous ones have been slightly forgotten, unluckily for me who tends to be difficult to remember various ordinary things. It would take an extraordinary event to make me remember, for always.

And so, there are several moments in my life attached to my soul and I’ll never forget them no matter what. They are lovely recollections or else bitter.

But enough for the reminiscences. Today is all about happiness, and yet somehow I can make myself sentimental. I guess that’s just who I am. Even today is not going to be a great, memorable, happy day, I still want to reread this entry at the exact date next week and found out what I was doing last year. I will sure be forgetting all about today, if it is 365 days ahead today. And so this entry is dedicated to me alone, myself. But not my current me, this is for my future me.

I will start with what I have done so far today. I woke up at ten, oh spare me, I’m on vacation. But I did wake up just because one of my friend texted me. I won’t be telling names now. This is a test for you, (or for the future me, I mean) see if you can remember who it is in a year’s time.

And then, I watched Nip/Tuck season two, episode 15 and 16. It’s the finale, you know. Episode 15 was great. It told about two interesting and intense stories. First, Gina came back suddenly and told Christian that she’d been HIV positive. The news broke him, and then he got himself tested. The results would be available in three days. And until then, he was calling all the girls he’d slept with (and it was long list), Kimber and all. At last, he had to call Wilbur and James as well. And it was a very painful scene, to see him examining HIV virus on the baby child he loved and couldn’t have. In the end, Christian, Kimber, Wilbur, and James all turned out to be negative. But it was a very touching scene when he lay there with Gina unconditionally, whispered “thank you” to her. Being there for her was the perfect way to say goodbye. What a show.

And there was The Carver who raped countless victims and was still at large. When he knew that Sean was fixing his victims, he got to Sean. That was the most intense scene. They all framed it well. The finale was excellent. The deal with Ava reached its end. There was Alec Baldwin guest-starring. And there was also about The Carver, where Sean chose to deal with him once and for all, but The Carver was looking after Christian instead. I would love to watch Season Three right away.

After watching that, I was having my lunch. And then I wrote this. My plan for today is to teach a class at three. And then finish this entry at five, having dinner with a friend at seven. And then return home to close the day. See? It’s a usual normal day. There are nothing special about today.

But I admit, I was trying to make something good happen. But then I realized, if it was meant to happen, it will. Boy! When do I get to be so superficial?

A few posts ago, I promised myself to announce what songs I’ve successfully downloaded since then. And It has been so many. I have been able to find a way downloading several songs I want.

Below is the list of all songs I’ve downloaded because I loved every one of them. You should download them yourselves and listen, so that you will know what I’m talking about.

This list is the original list, contains the songs I originally plan to download.

1. Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore – Way Back Into Love (OST Music and Lyrics)
2. Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett – Way Back Into Love (OST Music and Lyrics)
3. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere over the rainbow (OST 50 First Dates)
4. Patrick Park – Something Pretty (OST the OC)
5. Keane – Somewhere only we know
6. Hugh Grant – Don’t Write Me Off (OST Music and Lyrics)

And then I also downloaded lots of other songs, they are great. Like :

7. Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice (OST 50 First Dates)
8. Adam Sandler – Forgetful Lucy (OST 50 First Dates)
9. Joshua Radin – The One You Knew
10. Lighthouse Family – High
11. West Life – I Miss You
12. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
13. Lene Marlin – Playing My Game
14. Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder
15. James Taylor – Auld Lang Syne
16. Billy Joel – Auld Lang Syne
17. Barenaked Ladies – Auld Lang Syne
18. (Mixed) Gnarls Barkley and 2Pac – Crazy
19. Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero
20. Frou Frou - Holding Out For A Hero (OST Shrek 2)
21. Jennifer Saunders - Holding Out For A Hero (OST Shrek 2)
22. The Lion sleeps tonight (OST The Lion King)
23. Acoustic Alchemy – The Wind of Change
24. Hugh Grant – PoP! Goes My Heart (OST Music and Lyrics)
25. Backstreet Boys – Incomplete (Instrumental)
26. All Star Tribute – What’s Goin’ On?
27. Elton John – I Want Love
28. REM – Imitation of Life
29. Suede – Everything Will Flow

And I am downloading a few songs right now, old songs I've been wanting to since a long time ago. (even Indonesian songs I used to despise.. but can't deny.. they are great!)

30. Unknown - Kemesraan
31. Peterpan Unplugged - Seperti Yang Kau Minta
32. Jamrud - Kabari Aku
33. Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree
34. Jesse McCartney - Because You Live (pending...)
35. Hayley Duff - One in this world (pending...)

And I also did some research about my handsome face for the sake of today. And I found out that my lovely face resembles lots of celebrities'. Here :

I mean, HELL! I look like Jang Dong-Gun, Usher, and Nicholas Tse! Hahaha.. It is a great day! But something bothers me though. Kyoko Fukada is fine.. Patrick Stewart is .. still tolerated.. but TYRA BANKS? WTH?? I sounded like a TIRE got BANGed. Hahaha.. But it's OK. At least my child will look like Claire Danes or Kyoko Fukada. Hahahaha..
But all of it unmattered when I tried submit Jesus' face on the next try.

Ross Geller is Jesus???
Now That's Why Rachel has been blessed real damn well. :P

I can't help but thinking that we all look alike somebody else.. whether they're celebrities or animals. You know pets and their good owners should have a real bond together.

They should have some bond between them, right? I wonder how Brad Pitt's dog would look like.

But even with Face Recognition Software, you can't find someone look like US' President.

For Clearer View : Here

Ok. I better stop mocking other people. Today has been quite usual and yet a little unusual. Whatever happens, happens. Happy B'Day to me!

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  1. hahah..this is funny ne...

    i like it..thank u for sharing~~ hehe