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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Will Harry Die?

A few moments ago, I went in to one of the largest Harry Potter Community Discussions, The Official Mugglenet Forum, The Chamber of Secrets Forum and read all the wild discussions and brilliant analysis about what’s ahead in the Potter Universe. It’s only approximately one month left until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released. The biggest question all the Potter Fans are asking about is whether the main character Harry Potter can survive.

Will Harry Die? I’ve watched, read, and surveyed and I have come to a conclusion of 50 : 50 chance of Harry die in the last book, the last adventure to defeat Lord Voldemort.

I then found some interesting and some are very funny comments on the thread. I will post some of them below, so that other Harry Potter’s fans in Indonesia and all, can have some views about Harry’s fate to come.

Before, I want to paste some clues about Harry’s fate in the end that came out directly from JK Rowling. Man! She gave us a lot of clues, yet they’re all so ambiguous.

Quote from JK Rowling :

Soledad O'Brien: I'm going to pose the final question to you and I'd like all three of you to take a stab at it. You can do it in any order that you would like. If you were to have dinner with any five characters from any of your books -- take a moment to think about it -- who would you invite, and why would they be on your list? Any order.

JK Rowling: Well I'd take Harry, to apologize to him (crowd laughs). Um, I'd have to take Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Stephen King: Sure.

JK Rowling: I would - this is - (crown shouts suggestions).

Stephen King: Hagrid, take Hagrid.

JK Rowling: See, I know who's actually dead.

Stephen King: Pretend you can take them anyways.

JK Rowling: Pretend I can take anyone? Well then I would definitely take Dumbledore. I'd take Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Hermione...and.. (crowd shouts characters) um, Hagrid. I'd take Hagrid, yeah. And Owen because he wouldn't take up much space (crowd laughs). "

Interview about JK Rowling's opinion regarding dark and grim theme of the books

DR : Have you ever thought "Maybe I should tone it down"?

JKR: No. I know that sounds kind of brutal but no, I haven't. The bottom line is, I have to write the story I want to write. I never wrote them with a focus group of 8-year-olds in mind. I have to continue telling the story the way I want to tell it. I don't at all relish the idea of children in tears, and I absolutely don't deny it's frightening. But it's supposed to be frightening! And if you don't show how scary that is, you cannot show how incredibly brave Harry is. He's really brave, and he does, I think, one of his bravest things in this book: He can't save Cedric, but he wants to save Cedric's parents additional pain. He wants to bring back the body and treat it with respect.

DR: ... and if you've just joined us, we have a real treat this morning, having J.K. Rowling with us. She is Joanne Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. Three books that have ignited young *and* adult readers all around the world. If you'd like to join us 1-800-433-8850. What age group are you actually aiming for, Jo?

JKR: When I'm writing, I don't aim for any - any age group. I write these books entirely for myself. And in fact, before - before my British publisher Bloomsbury told me that they were going to market the books as for 9 year olds and above, I really had no idea. A vague idea, obviously. I mean, I was aware they weren't for 3 year olds, and I knew that probably 19 year olds would be wanting to read other stuff, although I've met quite a few 19 year olds since, so that's - that's a really nice thing. The optimum age, I'd definitely say is 9+ for these books.

[Above conversation shows that JK Rowling won’t be sparing Harry’s life just for the sake of the children reader. She won’t focus on what they may think. But this doesn’t mean that Harry will die, either.]


This is from JK Rowling Diary Section from her official site.


Charles Dickens put it better than I ever could:

'It would concern the reader little, perhaps, to know how sorrowfully the pen is laid down at the close of a two-years' imaginative task; or how an Author feels as if he were dismissing some portion of himself into the shadowy world, when a crowd of the creatures of his brain are going from him for ever.'

To which I can only sigh, try seventeen years, Charles...

I always knew that Harry's story would end with the seventh book, but saying goodbye has been just as hard as I always knew it would be. Even while I'm mourning, though, I feel an incredible sense of achievement. I can hardly believe that I've finally written the ending I've been planning for so many years. I've never felt such a mixture of extreme emotions in my life, never dreamed I could feel simultaneously heartbroken and euphoric.

Some of you have expressed a (much more muted!) mixture of happiness and sadness at the prospect of the last book being published, and that has meant more than I can tell you. If it comes as any consolation, I think that there will be plenty to continue arguing and speculating about, even after 'Deathly Hallows' comes out. So if you're not yet ready to quit the message boards, do not despair...

I'm almost scared to admit this, but one thing has stopped me collapsing in a puddle of misery on the floor. While each of the previous Potter books has strong claims on my affections, 'Deathly Hallows' is my favourite, and that is the most wonderful way to finish the series."


Here are among the most interesting and the funniest comments yet :

Author : Daelin :

A LOT of people have sacrificed to keep Harry safe and alive. Do the deaths of his parents, Cedric, numerous members of the Order, indirectly Sirius and Albus Dumbledore make sense in the end if all they did was let Harry die later? I don't see changing 'The Boy Who Lived' into 'The Young Man Who Died Anyway' as a satisfying plot.

Author : La_La :

I think Harry is definitely going to vanquish Voldemort. Whether he'll die or not...I'm still undecided. I couldn't bear it if he lost his powers and became completely muggle. I'd rather he died.

Author : FredWeasleyJr :

It’s definitely possible that Harry dies but I dont want to even think about it because it makes me insane... I want Book 8 to be released on 08/08/08

Author : English_Rose :

It's just one of those things i dont think were ever going to guess. if he dies i might have a breakdown so i hope he lives, he deserves to. Is Rowling really evil enough to kill him?

Author : grumpy7 :

Do you think a "Let Harry live" petition would be of any use?

Author : Elysia :

I can see reasoning for both sides.

Reasons JKR might let Harry live:
1. He's HARRY, for the love of pumpkin juice!
2. It is supposedly a children's book series - why upset the kiddies?
3. Everyone, no matter how rich they are, likes to make more money. Though she says she'll never write any more HP books, if she lets Harry live, then she leaves the option open just in case...
4. A dead hero? Boooo!

Reasons JKR might kill off Harry:
1. No more Harry, supposedly no one can bug her to write more HP books (but of course, they will anyway)
2. To show that Harry is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.
3. It's her show, and if she started a "children's book series" with a baby's parents getting murdered, what wouldn't she do, really? People and creatures have been brutally murdered throughout the series, so why would Harry be exempt?

Personally, I hope Harry lives. It took me so long to get over Dumbledore's "death" (?) that if Harry dies, I don't think I can be held responsible. I will call in sick to work for at least a week. No kidding. I may have to change my name and move to another country. I just don't know if I can take it.

Author : xhanax315 :

I dont think he'll die. In the words of Trelawney, he'll live to an old age and have lots of children. :)

Author : kash :

???!!!! u think that when she says its "the end of harry’s story" it means harry will survive..??? she could’ve said end of harry potter series.. she said end of harry’s story.. HE IS DEAD.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. SHE KILLED HIM.. she actualy killed him. i’m sure of it.. she is mourning cause she kiled him. she has a flare for drammatics. i’m having a break down.

Author : Rictus :

Keeping Harry alive does three things:
1 ) Upsets me!
2 ) Means a bunch of rabid little fangirls/boys will never, ever stop complaining about how they want another book.
3 ) And finally, gives her a boring, cliche look to her books: blah blah, lucky magical kid lives and the bad guy dies, *yawn*; can we move onto better series?

If she kills him, it's the amazingly spectacular ending that people will remember FOREVER.
I know the amount of detail you can put into murdering a main character. Everyone feels sad and sure, you get hated for killing him, but Jo dear: isn't it time to enjoy your 6 [7? 8?] billion?

Author : BurrowGhoul :

I think any way she ends it will be amazing.

Author : Rictus :

Not for me.
In 5 years, I would forget the ending.

Author : Venom3384 :


Author : Elysia :

How many seconds must tick by until July 21st? They are surely the slowest seconds in the history of mankind....





Unfortunately, I very much agree with Elysia. These are the slowest seconds in the history of mankind…

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