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Friday, January 26, 2007

Quiz me up!

How Well Do You Know Me?

See how well you know me after all...
Dare to try?
  1. What is a soliloquist?

  2. A person who can't talk
    A person who talks bullshits
    A person who quizzes
    A person who talks to himself
    A person who is lonely

  3. What is this soliloquist's real name?

  4. Will Cleafant
    Bambang SuperOne
    Ken Silver
    Hailie Hope

  5. What colour I like the most?

  6. Cobalt Blue
    Cyan and Black
    Sky Blue
    Black and Blue

  7. These are some things I like. Pick which one I do NOT.

  8. maths and english
    Inuyasha, Hikaru No Go, the Pitcher
    Virtual Orchestra Studio
    walking in a meadow in an afternoon
    soliloquizing and dodoloquizing

  9. Where did I lost my first Mentari Phone Card?

  10. At Citra Land, Mal Ciputra Jakarta
    In the middle of Dunia Fantasi, Ancol
    Inside a bluebird taxi.
    On a metromini number 91
    At Binus Syahdan's building.

  11. What is my favourite number?

  12. two

  13. What the hell is el_se7en?

  14. The anti-Westlife group
    An ancient group of 7 useless el who had disappeared since its glory on June 20, 2003
    A Yoga association
    it is a word with el + se7en with no meaning whatsoever
    What kind of question is this?

  15. Now, which of these words is NOT related to me in a possible way?

  16. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    "I'm federal agent, Jack Bauer, And this is the longest day of my life."
    messy_marvin, Nicholas Gene Carter, the youngest member ever?
    i.p. 2.4, (oh come on? u think I'm that stupid?) NO, it's 3.4
    What? Who's the creator of this stupid questions? It's getting more ridiculous...

  17. Ok, what type of girl do I like?

  18. a long hair girl
    a tall girl, or a way too short girl
    a sharp eye girl
    a girl with red shirt
    red hair girl

  19. Now, this last most difficult question : When do you think is my greatest moment ever?

  20. April 4, 2004, early in the morning
    December 31, 2005, the old and new
    July 16, 2005, 11.30 a.m.
    October 21-22, 2001 midnight
    June 5, 1999 afternoon

The Highest Score is 100, the lowest is 0
If you score < 40, then we're barely close friend
If you score 41-60, then you don't know me very well
If you score 61-80, then we're just an average friend
If you score 81-95, then you seem to know much about me, you'll have my attention
If you score 96-100, then we should get married (unless you're a guy :P)

Please leave a comment with your score. I kinda want to know. Hehe. PO.

Good Luck

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jel,

    I can't believe it, I m only your average friend. How could I only get 67????? I think you answer it wrongly in the key answer when you made the questions? rite? hahahaha..

    But.. lucklily I only get 67 deh.. I can;t imagin myself getting 95 n you have to marry me.. hahahaha..