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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Last night I slept at 2. Three hours later, someone texted me and my cell shouted so noisily that I woke up abruptly. It was from Harianto, an old friend of mine. He was asking me to meet him later today. I ignored him and went back to bed, also abruptly.

A few minutes later, he texted me yet another message. Oh for the heaven of elves, why did this guy want, bothering me in such an early morning? I opened the message and it said :

"If I woke you, that's your problem. Hahaha."


But then I replied him. I told him I was going to search and buy a new sport shoes. A few minutes later, he called me. Arrgh. And then I had to wake up.

We chatted for a while and decided to meet, eventually, at 12 noon.

So after that I couldn't sleep no more. I was weirdly awake.

7 hours later

I met him and Ferry, yet another old friend (whose Sex and the City DVD I had borrowed for two years and haven't returned them yet, hehe) from school. We met in Sun Plaza. They were half an hour late, and I was lunching when they arrived. We talked and talked. Good times. Them we began to search for my shoes.

It's weird, I rarely shop in those places in Medan, the so-called Shopping-Center, I guess I'm just not a shopaholic.

It's hard for me to choose which shoes to buy. We wandered for a while and decided Sun plaza had not enough shoes collections for me. Hueheu... as if we're masters in shopping.

Then we went to Thamrin, but we did stopped by Ozone to purchase some DVDs. Hahaha.. We (the three of us) can't live without new DVDs every few days. LoL.

I bought LOST season 2, I hope this time I bought the complete one. I used to buy a 7-packed-dvds which turned out to be one episode missing, the finale episode. So you can imagine how furious I was.

I also bought American Idol season 1-4, the best and worst performances. I hope to see Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdart, or Kelly Clarkson's performances.

After that, I was becoming so thirsty. So the first thing I did in Thamrin was buying drinks. And the two hours later were spent by searching and picking the right shoes. I was confused and tired. But I am glad to have chosen the gold one. I don't have the picture now, but you will see in later post.

Now, I am waiting in NeverLand for the clock to turn to six, and then I will meet my old friend, Riwan, and we will go to the gym.

It's just a very absurd thing to do. To exercise. Not now. Not when I am deeply exhausted and lack of sleep. Hikz. But I have committed to do this. So wish me not to fall (or fall asleep) during my exercising.

And now I can't seem to enter The Error page keep showing up. The server might be down. Haih.

But today is really great for me. I feel different for so many reasons, though I'm so tired and all I wish is going to sleep now.

But as I have learnt for all my life...

"...There is no intermission in life..."

...yeah right, *coughing*... I'm just kidding. I WANT MY INTERMISSION LAR... Hahaha...

[go to gym now...]

1 comment:

  1. ho-ha-ho, I guess when I am writing this comment, you are exhaustingly work-outing. Oh ya, ANdrew wanna join you .. hehe.. I am imagining your red face and hosh-hoshing on the running treadmill. ^0^

    Btw, I cannot believe it, You spent two hours searching for shoes and end up buying a gold sportshoes? hehe. I cannot imagine that seriously. YOu should choose pink instead of gold. HAHAHAHA. *ouch don't slap me!* But if you had your hair dyed yellow color, it will make an amazingly matching color lo.. hehe *ouch, why you slap me again?!

    Hav fun !