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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Silver Lining

People always say that everything has its other side. Even JK Rowling said that everything in her books has a pair. Like Love against Hate, Good against Evil, Murder against Sacrifice, Yin against Yang.

I have always loathed my job slightly. But I know that even if this job makes me feel bad, worse, or worst, I'll know that once in a year, on June until July, in the long hot summer time every year, I GOT MY FREE PAY CHECK!!!

Free, as in not have to work. That's right. As a teacher, I still get my salary when all of my students are having their vacations, and I'm making money just by sitting, watching movies, eating, breathing. Lolz. It's a sure nice way to live my life.

But I know that there are times when I am pressed so hard that I become depressed, stressed out, or even desperately suicidal because of this job. It's like when they all have their examinations (and boo! They have big exams six times a year.) coming or like when they're so stupid that can't even absorb anything I say.

I have some stupid students throughout my teaching years. I also have one (thank your god it's only one) very stupid-idiot-moron-DUH!!-I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass-brainless student. He never understand what I say, but he nods allright when I ask him whether he understands it. And he always says that he will "absolutely" pass his examinations since he always ables to answer all the questions except for a few (three is his favourite reply-answer whenever I ask him). And it always turns out to be either bad or very very very bad.
His mother, thankfully, doesn't blame me for her son's laziness and all. Of course not, because I don't only teach his son. There is this student who is in the same class with him, but she scores very well and all. So they all (and I proudly included) think probably it's not the teacher's fault. Sometimes (actually, very often) I do feel very sorry for him, and I keep telling and asking myself on how to make him more... diligent, clever, responsible, or even... be just alive. But I can't seem to change him. I have tried all the methods known to man to change his studying habit. But it just can't work. I have advised, readvised, scared, yelled, scolded, persuaded, tricked, and privated-taught him, but he still as bad as ever. There is still one way, though. But I am not a master in hypnotizing lazy-students.

Today I found out that 4 of my students' mathematic marks are all above nine. That's very good indeed, because it's so hard to even score seven at the school. My old school, Sutomo 1. That kinda made me proud (and feel a little bit arrogant about it :D) when I heard it. But I think that it's only fair, since I worked really hard to make them succeeded. Now that they have, I finally can enjoy my vacation more restfully and comfily.

I know it's not easy to make them succeeded like this, but it got a price. I told them, if they could score more than 9 this time, I would treat them pizzas or movies. It seemed to have motivated them very strongly and they have finally done it. Wah, now I have to save more money and fulfill my promise... but I do not regret it. It's very comforting for me as well, if they are succeeded, that means I am too.

At last, I just have to see the bright side of my job, if I am to keep it for at least another year. Let's move on! Tomorrow is near, hope is flying back to me. And for all my friends out there, especially if you're waiting for a call, interviewing a new job, hoping for the brighter future, or welcoming a big change in your life... I wish you get it. I know you will....

... and if you don't, there is always a silver lining in every situation.

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