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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Poll for Girls

Girls, do you wanna be with someone...
you really love but he leads a hard life with just enough money?
Yes. It's just a question of love. Money you can make...
Well.. we'll perhaps have an on and off relationship.
I don't think so. Though it's very hard, but I will let him go.
Yes, but just for a lengthy period.
I don't know.. I can't make this decision.
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  1. Btw. I choose C, I realize there is somebody else who chooses A. Who? Who?

  2. Wew.. you're the one who chose C? That was very cruel of you.. hahahaha.. haven't you ever heard of the word "true love" or the phrase "live uglily ever after" or the new phrase I created "live poorly together ever after"?

    The way I see it, girls nowadays are very high-maintenance.. if the guy has no money... then she's out of his league.

    That's why i created this poll in the first place. I wanted to see how girls reacted.

    Perhaps I should marry the person who answered A. Haha.. who was that? was that an unconscious me?

  3. Wew, i thought is you.. who is so thoughtless and answer straighaway without thinking? :X

  4. jacq : Just because someone's answering A, doesn't mean he/she's not thinking... why... am I surprised that you would answer C?

    Yeekchia : Thx for answering, but why didn't you submit your vote?