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Saturday, August 23, 2008

When el_lightz Shed Some Light



What a week!

I've been so tired, and not because of my job, at least entirely. I've been wandering and meeting my old friends. Dabin, he's still in Medan, still Rocking. Still the same man I know.

It's safe to say that he's one of my bestest mate. I'm very grateful to have a friend like him. I wonder why he's still single. Girls just haven't seen him, I guess, because he's the kind of guy that is good. And nowadays, the number of good guys in Medan decreases like crazy.

But I don't worry about him getting girls. Right now, as I speak, even, he's out there with his mate Suyanto, out there to hunt girls. Hohohoho...

Oh shit! He'll kill me when he knows I'm writing about him inmy blog over here, but I guess I'd have to take my chances. He rarely reads this anyway, not if there are a lot of pictures posted.

But this entry will have a lot of pictures posted. () _ ()

OK. here we go :

In the middle of the night, in the middle of the road.

Eating omellete He's eating omelet in a Cafe recommended by me.
He also ate some Fried Cap Cai. Cap Cai He ate a lot of things actually. He must have been very hungry.
Another Omelette And He's eating another omelette...

OK, OK... it's not his. It's mine. I ate that. Hm.. delicious. Makes me hungry now. Hahahaha...

MeYeah, I'm not posting the picture hugely, I had a spot on my nose. It was freaking annoying, really. It's a big relief it's gone now.
PhotobucketWhat Can I say huh?

But then we went to Star Bucks the next day, just hang out in there, watching for cute girls and surreptitiously taking their pictures.

I've become a master at photographing other girls without them knowing. It's creepy I know. But it's just a silly thing for us to do, nothing more. Hehehe... Here's an example for the hidden shoot.
The white girl is pretty and cute. I sure hope she never finds out about this blog :D
Hoho... I think the black shirted girl next to her might have noticed me, but i doubt it. I was pretty sly before.


After that, we just went to Hypermart to purchase some things and went straight home. We had a long journey back.


There's more of the photos, of course. But I think Dabin will really kill me if I posted every one of them. No, I think he'll torture me first, mutilate and dismember, and then kill me. Hahaha.. I'm kidding again lah... (or am I?)

To close this entry, I want to tell you that actually I was planning on posting a Mixed Entry entitled "Six Days", with photos for each days, telling about the last six days of my life. But it didn't work out since I failed to transfer the photographs from last night's tiring but exciting journey with Dabin, Jimmy, BJ, and so many other friends. It was a technical thing right here on this stupid Cyber Cafe. I need to do that somewhere else....

I promise to post it later, though. I won't rest until I do that. Hehehe... So keep checking this blog for several days to come.


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