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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sinfully Delicious

"Look in to your heart and you'll find that
the sky is youuurs...
so please don't... please don't... please don't...
there's no need to complicate...
cause our time is short...
this o' this o' this is our fate!
I'm yours... oohh ohhh shah!
mm tcutsu brappa mm babe..."
Today is a dark, wet, dismal day. The clock's hand has pointed nine, and still the sky is as grey as Meredith Grey. I'm traveling all over the town, soaking, and get caught in the traffic jam in the middle of an ankle deep of flood.

Ah.. it is those days nearing September, where the monsoon season roars and drowns all of us.

These days' mood isn't improving very well. Though through the saddening atmosphere around me (which tries very hard to bring down my mood), I could find a strange obsession to keep my mind out of it.

This is an obsession of a man that is not me. The normal me wouldn't have gone through with it. But I was not thinking through. It was a mistake, I knew it, even before I did it. But because it's exciting, because it's addicting, because it's arousing. I didn't want it to end.

It was sinfully delicious, as Victor Garber had said it in one episode of Will and Grace. Too bad I can't find the picture anywhere.

Anyway, just wanna drop by and leave this entry. I'll continue later. Gotta work again... :(

Wet day Wet day...

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