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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Old School

Two days ago, I got a text message from someone I didn’t know. The number +62818******* appeared below a very stupid yet interesting line :

“Good afternoon. Can I do anything for you?”

Wakz. What the hell? Who is this person? Is he lost? Is he a God? Or pretend to be? Or is he a she?

And so I replied :

“Good afternoon. Yes, you can. Please buy me a notebook, stranger.”

Few minutes later, there were two replies.

“Here, I bought you a "notebook".”

"Been a very arrogant person, haven't you? I'm here in town and you don't even call me."

Frowning, since I didn't know whose number that was, I replied hastily. This was the next conversation.

Me : "Haha. Who are you? I didn't know this number."

Stranger : "I'm Candy ar... Somse..."

Me : "Haiya, how should I know? You used a random number and suddenly asked me if you could do anything for me. So what's up? In Medan, aren't you?"

(by that time, I really thought she was Candy though a little confused, since I knew two Candys. One in Medan, and one in Malaysia. But I thought she couldn't be Malaysian, judging by her way of speaking."

Candy : "You turned to be so humourless. Where to go? I have unlimited free time."

Me : "And you have too much humour I couldn't understand no more.My work will be finished in 2 days' time. So Thrusday or Friday shall do it. What do you think?"

Candy : "Thursday I will go to Mikie Holiday with friends. How are you doing?" (and yet she said to have unlimited free time :P)

Me : "Me? I have been so busy that I've been bored, stressed out, tired, depressed, and fat. So to summarize, I am being spectacular! Hehe. What about you?"

Candy : "Not soo good. Usual, you know.. love problem. And what about your love problem?"

(and at this point, I was slightly wondering... the Candy I know isn't this straight forward. She was kinda introvert and very religious.)

Me : (answering her question) "Have you ever known someone so right to you that you knew it at once? But on the other hand, she didn't feel the same?"

Candy (?) : "Why? Maybe it's not about not feeling the same, maybe it's about not brave enough to confess it? If it were me, as a girl, guys must come first! Are this happening to you? You can share it with me, you know?"

Me : "Not brave enough, yes. But probably also 'not interested' is written all over her face. How can I know how she feels? Can you help?"

Candy (??) : "I can help you. Step One : Tell me about her. Who's she? What is she look like? Where did you meet?"

(Well, I was quite hesitated to tell her everything since I was starting to suspect if she really was Candy. So I made it cryptic.)

Me : "She's my old friend. And I think we're pretty close. Her name is Cy."

Candy (???) : "You mean, she is .. me...."

When I read this, I was half surprised and half laughing for a second... before I was laughing and NOT surprised anymore. She couldn't be Candy. Candy I knew wasn't this GR and this straight for.. just not this way.

Me : "Ha? No ar.. Her name is Sherry. I called Cy because that's her nick online. Cy = Cyber."

I was lying to say her name was Sherry. I don't know a Sherry. There was no way I would tell her or whoever this person, the real name of Cy. She's definitely lying to me too, I just didn't know who she was and I had no proof.

NOT Candy : "You scared me. Cy... Candy... but I am happy if it were me. Btw, is she from Sutomo 1? Same class? Same year?"

I thought I should keep playing with him/her, until I find his/her real identity. I was vaguely familiar with the phone number.. wondering where I have seen it.

Me : "You scared me there too. If she was Candy, would that be you'd accept me? :P She's in the same school with me."

Definitely NOT Candy : "Since when you two in one class? Since when you two be closed to each other?"

(Frowning again.. and then continued lying... )

The Lying Me : "Why do you ask so many questions? What if we meet and talk about it tomorrow. I have free time from 12 to 5."

(See how he got out of this one.)

NOT Candy : "If I don't ask, how can I help? Ok. But Where?"

Me : "Whereever you want. Sun Plaza is good. We can talk in foodcourt. Lunch together?"

NOT Candy : "OK. But you text me before you go. Off to sleep now. Nite."

Me : "OK. I will call you at 12 t'morrow. Nite. Cya."

And when I thought she wouldn't reply..

DEFINITELY NOT CANDY : "Just text me. Good nite..."

That's when my suspicious became very clear. She wouldn't have me called her because she didn't want me to hear her not-Candy voice. Maybe a guys' voice. Probably a guy.

So I checked my phonebook to see if I could match a name with the number. At midnight, I got it. HE was my old friend from High School, used to tease poeple and play mind games with them. Hehehe.. One of my best friends, though.

The reason I didn't know before is because his number was duplicated in my phone's contact list. And therefore his name couldn't appear eventhough he's on that list. But that made me think, why was he so stupid to screw with me with his phone number he knew I knew? Perhaps he didn't mean to screw me before. Perhaps he was surprised I didn't know his number and then an idea came to his mind. Yeah.. perhaps that. :P

So the next day, I went to Sun Plaza at the promised time. He was one hour too late. I was waiting in Gramedia Bookstore for him. After feeling numb and annoyed, I got out and walked around the building. I tried calling him. Wanted to see how he reacted. As I had suspected, he nudged my calls and ignored them completely. I was getting more certain that he's a hoax. And then, at 2 p.m. as I was spying the Gramedia from a distant, I finally got my proof. I saw my dear old friend...

















Budi Chandra
... the Great Master of Screwing People Budi Chandra, except he was failed this time. Sort of... :D

At the end, we just hung out and talked. After one year and four months since we last spoke face to face, he was quite mean to call me "at the second day before he went back Bandung". He had been back to Medan for a week and more without me knowing. What a bastard. Hahaha.

Budi Chandra

And this is him. Actually, I just wanted to take the Baskin Robbins but his stupid face sneaked in. Haha..

Here : If you can't see him properly

I know he'll be furious to see me putting his picture here.. hahaha.. If you read this.. Hello Chan *waving..*

Whose hand is this?

I don't have my pictures here. I'm not that narcistic! ^.^ V

At last.. it's just great meeting old friends. It's a shame it's only him and not the whole gang. It'd be fun.


  1. All Buchan's pic is very sexy esp the 1st photo yang he tried hard to resemble angelina jolie's lip itu. Hehehe..

    Bang, I need to kidnap your phone when I meet you later. I dont want my fans to run away when they view your blog ok! =P

    Btw, your primary pic in frienster look cool lo. Like you mimisan then you have to lap your nose. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

    WHy Buchan use candy's name? Why not Jacqueline? Better name, sweeter, Goddess-like name *run before getting kicked by Malaysia Candy*

    JacQ -- Goddess

  2. When I put my own pictures, you said they were disgusting.. but when Buchan's, you said they were sexy.. how nice of a friend you are! hehehe

    Buchan's Angelina mimic was incidentally taken by me without his approval whatsoever. So you do have to be careful.. hehehe.. but c'mon. You know you're a narcissist. Admit it lar.. kekeke

    Mimisan? I thought I was tearlessly crying on that picture, and the editing was miserably awful.

    You don't want your fans to run away? What about when they're reading YOUR blog? Hehehe

    Actually, Buchan used Candy's name without ever knowing who the Medan Candy was.. and he definitely doesn't know about the Malaysian one.

    Soliloquist -- no Goddess allowed (except for the sexy one)