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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Songs you have to LISTEN

Downloading mp3s from the net is probably not the most ethical (or even illegal) way. But it's quite the easiest and the cheapest way. So pardon me for trying to listen to some artistic works I can't have by ordinary legal ways. If downloading freely from internet sounds illegal for you, so be it.

These are few of my download list. Most and almost and (yes...) all of them are great songs and deserved to tickle you ear. (Of course! Why did you download them if they're not good?) So don't judge before you listen. They are in fact, my favourites.

Songs I want to download at this moment :

1. Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore - Way back into love
reading my last post, it would be so ridiculous (and indescribeably painful) if I don't "have" this song. But it wasn't easy. I still don't have the song. I am trying to get and download it. Right now, finally, I have a way to do tat. And I'm going to download it as soon as possible.

2. Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett - Way back into love
My Music and Lyrics collection won't be completed without this one... what a great song. It inspires me to learn more of making my own music and lyrics.

3. Hugh Grant - Don't write me off
I always appreciate (and love) sad songs. And this song is perfect. It's about regret and confession. I love it and I MUST have it.

4. Patrick Park - Something Pretty
I still am having a trouble locating this song (quite rare than I thought). I hope I still get time to download it today.... if I can find it. I found this song from the OC. It was damn beautiful. When Seth Cohen declared his love to Summer Roberts on the coffee table.. this song played. Perfectly.

5. Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah
Leonard is the original performer of the great song "Hallelujah". This is my all time most beautiful lyrics song ever! I first heard the version of John Cale (which is the most popular.. in Shrek and Scrubs.. etc) and then I listened to the versions of Jeff Buckley and Imogen Heap. Nice one.

6. Keane - Somewhere only we know
This song.. I never really put an effort to download it, but I admit I love it. So, no more excuses. I will download it. This song reminds me of my time in Jakarta.

7. Mellisa Etheridge - I run for life
Actually I first listen to this song in Oprah. Once, and it got me to like this song. So, I shall download it anyway.

Songs I am downloading at this moment :

1. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Songs I have just downloaded :

1. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere over the rainbow
This song is insanely hard to find. I mean, at first, I didn't know the title of this song, and I didin't know the artist either. I initially heard the song from the movie "50 first dates" (which my lovely Drew Barrymore starred in). The song was played in the last scene of the movie, when Lucy woke up and found herself on a boat in the middle of Alaska. The song was incredibly amazing and touching. It was hawaii-ish.
So I searched all the soundtracks, the soundtrack lists and google each of everyone of them. I couldn't find it. turned out the song wasn't included in the soundtrack album. I eventually discovered the title and artist thru wikipedia. For that, I wanna thank you Wikipedia for providing with excellent information I couldn't find elsewhere (at the moment, at least).

Songs I have downloaded a while ago (and they're great!) :

1. Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars

2. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

3. Craig David - Unbelieveable

4. John Cale - Hallelujah

5. Joshua Radin - Winter

et cetera et cetera

If you want to help me download or want me to send you these songs, feel free to contact me.
And in a few days, I will check back to this post and see what songs will be successfully downloaded.


  1. Quote "Songs I have downloaded a while ago (and they're great!) :

    1. Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars

    3. Craig David - Unbelieveable"

    Come on, dont I deserve some credit?? lol.. ANyway congratz ^^.

  2. Oh sure! I would have mentioned your name next to it, but you see, it's hard to write down your so-so--very-oh-your-god-unbelievably-long-long name without ruining my entry's aura of happiness..

    (apaan seh???)


    Just kidding lar. Of course.. I have to thank Jacqueline de la CowCow von Linkzard O'JerJer McJelJel for these following songs :

    1. Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars
    2. Craig David - Unbelievable
    3. Joshua Radin - Winter
    etc etc

    She had been very helpful in downloading songs illegally (feds, if you want to arrest her, please do :D), but she is not so helpful anymore.. nowadays.. hahaha..

    Nah, there you go..