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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday the 13th?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth movie will be released on July 13, 2007. That is Friday. Now, I have nothing against the number 13, unlike some people. In fact, recently, the number 13 has been a great number to me. Like maybe I was able to download 13 songs yesterday. 13! The truth is that I was very surprised to be able to do that, because my internet connection here, in Indonesia, what the word... SUCK.

And yet I could successfully download 13 mp3s and 1 trailer of Harry Potter 5 movie. Here's the twist : The average speed of downloading was 13kbps. Yap! That's right. Thirteen might just give a chill then. 13 kbps! I know it sounds bad to you.. totally slow and lame.. but here, you would thank your GOD when your so-called-net was able to download at such speed. Usually it's 5kbps, 4kbps, or at worst : 1kbps before the download failed.

It's only a fairytale when you can download at 64kbps here. Not with this lousy connection.

Wow.. look I'm wandering!

So, what's more to the number 13 except that premiere date?

Well.. I've noticed several official posters of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the net. And here're the complete list :

((oh... and by the way, There are 13 of them))

And there I thought Harry Potter was a big movie enough to require such many posters and promotions.
What? Another number 13 twist? Well... it will be weirder if I post this one tomorrow, the 13. But that would sound intentional, wouldn't it?


  1. Suka yg megang bola kristal...
    Jadi pengen maen kelereng, hiks, ga nyambung :P

  2. I can't believe this, I am not the first???

    Who is weww, anyway? *huh*

    Darlz, you should reserve the first for me, should not you? :(

    I can't see the picture, do you think speedy allow me to look at pictures? It will increase the bandwidth and my dad will end up bankrupt juz because paying speedy bill. Speedy suckz!!! :(

    Oo.. come on, everytime I open your blog, I need to place the mouse pointer on the stop button before it loads all the pictures, musics and everything. I even cannot open xia xue blog anymore. -_-

    I even cannot play audition as I like anymore.. huhu.. I miss my internet in Penang..

    (huh, sice when this comment box become curhat box? )

    Btw, this is nice blog, It is one of the creative blog again. Simple thing but describe in a good way.. :)

    And congratz in downloaing and doing crime in Neverland. The aie neverland will bankrupt too if she subsribes limited speedy which I dont think so.

    Huh, again, speedy suckz big time.!


    Still ngomeling about speedy!