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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer Buzz!

Well, even after Spiderman 3 and Shrek the Third, there are still many great summer movies I won't miss. It's a great thing for me to enjoy in this misty time of my life. I can't wait any longer to be free from work which has been weighing on my head all weeks. Four days left. Tick Tock Tick.

And now, for my own pleasure that is too great not to share to you... here're some trailers I found fascinating, promising, and don't forget awesome.

Pirates of Caribbean 3 : At World's End :

Fantastic Four 2 : The Rise of the Silver Surfer :

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix :

The Bourne Ultimatum :

Transformers :

Evan Almighty :

Hostel Part 2 :

and National Treasure 2 : Book of Secrets :

And to make it perfect, I will end my Heroes season one tonight! Here's a preview:

Heroes Season 1 Finale :

Could this Summer "be" any worse? Haha. That's true. I really need this.

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