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Friday, June 06, 2008

Six : The Past

Happy June Six! Happy B' Day! Happy Belia's Day!

Whoa, I can't believe it has been one year already since the last time I posted the entry about June Six last year. Time has passed on. Many things have changed in my life. But Some things will never change. Some things, I like to keep them still and the same. And today, I am celebrating the tenth Belia's Day by myself.

It's 10th already, I can't believe it. Every year I remember when this day comes by, and what it means for me. I have always cherish the day by myself, because this day is all about me. Only a few people, close friends of mine, know about this day. But that's about to change, because I decided to post this entry here, about the June Six and where it came from. So people who read this shall know, not that there will be any. ^.^

It all happened nine years ago. The Sixth of June Nineteen Ninety Nine. I was still in my junior high and I was in deep infatuation with a girl known as Belia. I first knew the girl thru my friend a few months back. We were corresponding through letters, and the both of us decided not to share our pictures until the time we met.

Long story short, I was in love with someone whose face I didn't even know. Yeah, what'd u expect? I'm still a kid.

On June Six 1999, We spoke for the very first time, and it really made me happy. That day was the day of happiness floating around the atmosphere. It was then, I decided to remember this date, so that the future me would not forget it.

Time went on, and I moved to town. As fate brought me, I was coincidentally put in the same high school as she was. It was the time of nervousness, when everything was new and weird. But it got weirder as I moved to the second year of my high school. This time fate put us in the same classroom for two years. We were getting closer than we'd ever been, but our relationship was mere platonic. I don't know why, maybe it's because I was a really shy boy.

But as we've grown, we were separated by distance. I moved to Jakarta. At the time, our friendship was still alive. And then I was back to town again. We met occasionally until recently I haven't called her yet. So today, even right now, I am calling her. See, our friendship will never end.

Belia's Day is all about happiness and hope for me. This day sets me straight, so I can always recall the happiness I felt back then, and so I know, that even when things are bitter and lonely from time to time, I still have the hope of something wonderful to happen.

After all, if I don't have this hope of happiness, then I have no reason to live no more.

Be Happy. Today is June Six again!


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  1. haha.. wa lupa lo ttg hari belia. Pas wa liat kalender wa malah teringat omen day... T___T.. sorry jel. Happy belated belia day btw.. :P