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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun Little Reunion

So Last night I saw three of my highschool friends whom I haven't seen in five long years. Tomat, Fransiska, and Rotua were still the same as ever. Especially for Rotua whose insanity had just reached an entirely new level... huehue. It was a fun little reunion which was supposed to be held by eight people but eventually only four could attend. Nevertheless, it was still a great night and I am planning to do that again next week, with more people, of course.

You can see the Bahasa Indonesia version of this entry right here.

Okay, without further talking, let me present the lovely face :

Rudi aka Tomat, with his captivating face and hair... :P

and my favourite "
Photo of the Week" :

Several sitting photos from

And several additional photos ... :D

Those are fun photos, fun gathering, fun little reunion. And after looking at those pictures rather carefully, I found out that my mouth was open the entire time :B



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