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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meet My Fellow el

The reason why I haven't posted anything for the last week is because my good ol' friend Jimmy Handoko a.k.a el_marshall were back in town. It was a rare opportunity to see his catshit face again... huehue..

It's a new and old experience for me to see him. We did the silly things we did when we're in highschool, for eg, eating "sate padang" at Veteran Street like we used to do a million years ago... and I did several things I never did before.

I guess this is what a homecoming gathering should be with my old friends, though it could be better if we had more time. He only stayed for a few days and those few days were deprived by work.

I really hate when somebody from my past goes back to town but still we don't get the chance to meet with each other AT ALL. It would be a shame, seeing they don't come visit very often. But on the contrary, meeting old friends and telling old jokes are one of my hobbies. Some might say I'd be living in a past, and all I could be for their future is a memory, a glitch from the past.

Whatever! It's not something bad, to look back on our past and remember the great stuffs from last times. I think that's a healthy thing, to embrace our friendship which we have since a long time ago. It does NOT make you a memory in the future. And what's wrong about making memories?

I like to eternize my moments in the present so that whatever happens today, will be a remembered yesterday.
That's what journals are for.
That's what photo albums are for.
That's what blogs are for.
That's what cameras are for.
Hell, That's what memories are for.


And now, let me present the pictures... As usual, you can get extra information by hovering your mouse over each of these...

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