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Monday, January 01, 2007

Crap-icious Eve

Capricious is one word to describe my New Years' Eve. Surprising is a better choice of word. My best bud coming to town was a great present for me. It's good, to feel not lonely, to be not lonely.

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[ Liting and Me ]

So, ok. New Year's Eve. I watched "Night at the Museum" and it cracked me up. That piece of shit was so ridiculously funny. It's so creative how the writer can turn a boring story about a Museum "security guy" into a great and unpredictable story.

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[ Erick and Me ]

These pictures were taken in Sun Plaza's foodcourt. Not a special place. Just an ordinary hanging out corner. My black friend Liting was being terrorized the whole time, by the vague but certain threats of Budi Chandra (who by the way was goofing around safely in Bandung, far away from Liting's insecure soul :p).

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[ Taking my own picture, could I? ]

I spent New Years' Eve in Erick's house. Playing poker and watching movies. Oh yeah, we were preoccupied also. You know, by the Greeting Texting Tradition. Anyway. It was a fun day. Capricious, as some people (that is to say, I) have mentioned. Happy New Year to you all. May 2007 be the greatest year, full of unexpected surprises, a year of dreams come true, where a new Journey of happiness shall begin.

Goodbye, 2006.


  1. Jel, what can I say??

    When I received your sms, you said, "erick back to Medan, he gives me a surprise," You know what I felt? I felt WOW, I rili feel hapPy for you, at least I rili wish something happened to you on New Year eve capriciously (not crap-iciously, mind you!) --remember my wish by rascal flatts.

    See, anything oso can happen, you are not lonely afterall, erick loves you vr much (menggelikan). And I am thinking, u noe, you blog rili has changed a lot from the first post til the last post. haha.. (influenced by me jel?) blog lu jadi mirip gua punya.. hahahaha.. see, i spread happiness to you, yipi ^^v

    Nice pic u were having there jel, you looks great and erick too .. liting looks funny (in a good way)!


  2. Jel, what can I say??

    When I read your comment all over and all over again, I decided to publish it haha (if not, u may never write me one again hahaha pathetic banget)

    It's so menggelikan to read what u said about erick loving me hahaha (i can't even think what the english word for menggelikan hahaha)

    There are times when my blog seems desperate to you, and there are times when it seemed cheerful to me too.. haha.. I can assure you, the time will come again for another desperate and self-killing posts.. haha.. unless u keep me happy. Try to do it jel. hehe..

    Thx yoO, for ur most-menggelikan comment ever. hahaha..

  3. Bam,happy new year to you!

    it is nice to learn that you got a surprise from your fren coming to town to meet you!

    well, i hope eveyrthing good happen to you in the years ahead!

    yeah JacQ, Rascal Flatts-my wish. to you.

    a good news is comming to yo u in May 07? mind to share?

    yeah, i agree with JacQ that you recent post is +ve and turns into somehting cheerful and funny.

    keep it up.

    reading your blog is become my routine and dropping you a comment become my habit.

    all the best to you!

    P.S.: Bam, you gain weight alot lo...dun eat too much is fat!

  4. Ohh.. come on Yeek Chia, He should be fatter, he is so much JEL (ugly) when he was a bamboo back there in high school. haha..

    Now, he looks ok already.. pertahankan kegemukan mu ya.. da pas tu!!
    PO, JacQ