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Tuesday, January 23, 2007



It's been a while since my last postie. Hehe.. This has been a busy week, and yet I still found a way to get out and open my blog. Why didn't I post a new topic? Well, I was learning a lot this week about DHTML codes and how to tweak them, use them, and manipulate them to my hideous profile, hehehe..

Well, it didn't go well as good as I had hoped, you can see there are a few differences here in this so-old blog, but there should be more, hehehe.. I promise you that I will learn more and better, and I will change this one page once and for all.. hahaha.. (it seems like this page has bored me so, with the bullets and bubbles as background.)

Speaking of boring, I was and am suffering from it. What should I do? I am living in this world, in this life with all the routines and usual stuffs going on. Sometimes (but more rarely now), I face an interesting event. That should keep the boredom away from me for a while, but it constantly coming back. What should we do to overcome boringness if everything left to do here simply symbolizes it? What can we do to conquer boringness in the Land so full of it?

If any of you have any idea to help me, please do. If not, I will be far more trapped in this boring life of mine so awful that I refuse to do anything ordinary (like eating, blogging, breathing, or worse... soliloquizing).

Please help me.


  1. Hey,

    Boring.. sigh! I bored too,lol.. ^^
    Btw, no one can realy help you to overcome the boredom, it depends on you whether wanna change it or not!

    I think this is life, once we reached our adult phase we are forced to do things that is routine. Sometimes I oso wonder why does it so hard to do something that we really like yet productive.. haha.. apa seh.? I mean, I m oso wondering, do I need to spend the rest of my life to become an accountant? (I can imagine how bored it is) sigh..but can I choose?
    we live with choices, we have options, we can opt, .. but can we???

    Why the comment turns become my curhat-column?hahaha..

    btw jel, almost everyone oso feels like what 'sometimes' you feel, maybe for some people is worse .. so appreciate what we have now, the time will come jel.. patient patient.. bersakit2 dahulu bersenang2 kemudian.. hehe..

    Btw, haiya.. changes in blog? I dun see the changes in cursor, really!!!
    anyway, where is the physcological postie that you promised? ^^

    _sign off-- wanna go to bed.. haha

  2. Hei Jacq, i was bored until u posted the comment hehehe..

    bersakit2 dahulu bersenang2 kemudian? I dont want that. I want it bersenang2 dahulu gila2 kemudian.. (gilanya karena terlalu senang --red)

    Eh.. why did i write in indonesia? Huh i kan hate indonesia hahaha

    My cursor's effect is really there. I know you're lying hehe.. and even if you didnt lie, i maybe can tell why you didn't see it. See, the minimum requirements for the script to perform are browsers with IE7 or +, OPERA 7 +, and I'm not sure FIREFOX can do it. So maybe you're just "levelly low"

    Thx jel for your comment..
    that psychological post shall come soon.. hehhe