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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Very Great Movie, Very Bad Weather

So last night I watched the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. It was a dark afternoon when I called up my friends to go and see this movie. We agreed, though one of them told me that the sky was about to cry. Heavily.

I told him, "
It's OK. It won't rain. And if it will, so what? You can use your bloody raincoat. Don't be late, OK?"

He grunted, but agreed.

Half an hour before the movie started, I was still teaching in my student's residence. The sky fell and it pour the damn rain heavily. But as I hoped, the rain quieted down and finally stopped at the right moment. The moment I went down to the theatre.

The movie started.
Bam! Bim! Bam! Cool movies. Nice special effects. And then in the middle of the movie, an announcement for one Taufik Ir popped out on the big screen, transparent and annoying, asking for that guy to come outside. That went about 20 seconds. It's OK. It's quite funny, and embarrassing for the Taufik guy.

One minute later, the announcement showed up again. Apparently, Taufik didn't come out. So the audience began to scowl. Some even yelled :

Taufik! Taufik!" in a way a mother looking for her missing child. I was a little annoyed but yet I found it funny. The announcement lasted about five seconds, perhaps the administrator above us was a little embarrassed by our complains (which we didn't care to hide).

Spoiler Alert, I think.. Don't read this...
go on until the spoiler ends

After that, the movie continued smoothly. The best scene I think from the movie is two : When Rachel died, and when Gordon came back to life.

First, I didn't expect Rachel to die. That's why I think this movie is different from many others. See, Usually, the hero's girlfriends in Superheroes movies won't die. They are usually kidnapped or even tortured at some point, but in the end the big hero will save her, and they will live happily ever after. Perhaps that's why when the tanks exploded and killed Rachel instead of Harvey Dent, I was surprised and yelled, "

I should have yelled "WOMAN!!" or "GIRL!!" but yeah, whatever.

Spoiler ends ----

All in all, it's no wonder the movie breaks many movie records. It's so much better than the first Batman Begins, it's filled with unexpected twists and turns. It's intense psychologically. And the guy played Joker was one hell of an actor. And he's funny too, I mean, quoting Eminem : "
Will the real Batman please stand up?" The only dull thing is that The Batman seemed weak. He couldn't do anything much. A bit pathetic to be called superhero, I think. But hey, I never really like Batman. I'm more Superman kind of guy. :D

The movie was so long that when I came out of the theatre, it's already 10.30 at night and I'm about to go to my far far away home. And here's the fucking twist : It rained again, very heavily.

So I was like : "
What the fuck?"

But then, after throwing my concerns in the wind and decided to get wet and all, I mounted my bike and went home straight. The concern about heaving rain vaporized away as I saw the road was freaking flooded and I was caught in a freaking traffic jam. At this hour?

Man, I was hungry as hell. Did I mention that I haven't had my dinner yet?

So I just had it all. I was speeding while hoping my bike won't crash and die, while screaming and cursing all the way, in a very cold soaked up night, hungrily tried to go home, after a dreadful morning where I woke up to find Pek Lo was dead. I guess my day didn't go very well, last night.

When I got home safely, I quickly got changed and ate. I slept afterwards, and the next day, I woke up at 10. Not going work.


I'm not bummed. As bad as that day goes, I'm not going to sadden myself. My kitten died and I got soaked up. Big deal. I will look for tomorrow.

By the way, I'm expecting
Dabin. And I'm still longing for my friends.


  1. HALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo.. ini komen2 yg lu mau.. yg panjang! haha.. how to start? *ngintip blog ini ttg apa* oo.. the dark knight and cerita sedih lu diguyur hujan..

    Baiklah.. pertama2 mari kita komen ttg dark knight itu..

    Dark knight sgt seram.. apalagi pas batman yg mirip joker itu digantung.. trus.. wa kaget.. n jantung wa berdetak2 amat cepat.. trus nike yg lagi disebelah wa blg.. dia juga kaget.. hahaa.. Trus joker lucu ya.. tapi seram mukanya.. apalagi lidahnya yg muter2.. ihhhh.. trus malemnya wa mimpi wa dibliin anjing oleh nike.. tapi muka anjingnya mirip joker.. hahaha..

    Kok kita sama ya jel? wa juga nontonnya pas malem2.. tapi wa nonton midnight jam 11.45 gitu.. trus jam 2 wa plg jalan kaki ama nike.. hehehe.. krn gk ada taxi lagi..

    and wa sgt suka GORDONNnnnnnnnnn... hehehe..

    sekian.. lets move on to other comment.. hehehehe

  2. oo ya lupa comment cerita yg diguyur hujan itu.. wad can i say.. hmm only..kasian ya.. lain kali bli payung n tancapkan ke kepala lu yg mirip telur.. hihihi...