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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Perfect Night, Yellow's Babies, and Wanted

It's so a great a day that "three" can't make it.

1. My night went perfectly well. It's what I'd hoped for so long finally come true. I feel bliss and amazed, as how a usual jinx-ful Thursday became the day of my best. It's never occurred to me years ago that I will be spending my favourite time doing my favourite thing with my favourite girl at my most favourite movie theater.

2. My
Yellow has two cute babies. I've never seen kittens so cute like these before. The elder one is named Huan Lo and the younger brother is Pek Lo, following their dad Khiau Lo, the Lo Family.

3. Wanted is the movie of the month. It's not only because it's so uniquely great and unpredictably cool, but it's also because of the time and place, and most importantly, the feeling when watching it.

4. My sister has finally got the job at
ICM and free college scholarship there. I'm so happy for her. I wasn't very lucky to have a chance to study in university, let alone to convocate. But I'm so glad that my sister will be able.

Denny Duquette is back! That's one hell of a great news! I think my days of happiness won't be far ahead of me, even though a certain people don't like that to happen. Funny, as if they want me to dwell in loneliness and desperation I was once in, and I'm selfish and obnoxious for being improved and happy.

These are a few pictures related :


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