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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nostalgic Chat, Swarm of Birds, and the sixth Harry

1. A deep chat with my little sister got me reminiscing the life we had in Jakarta. Laughing half-bitterly, we compared it with the life we have now, and saw that we'd come off much better. She was interviewing for a new job at ICM, and I surreptitiously filled out her form to help her. She had no idea.

2. The front page of Yahoo! shows a spooky birds formation video, which is according to me extremely beautifully cool. It's like seeing a black clothe of silk gliding in the air, or like the force of evil. Voldemort or some sort.

3. The sixth installment of Harry Potter series is coming closer and closer as I have seen a lot of new promotional pictures and sneak peaks. The teaser trailer is also overdue. It should be coming with the premiere of "The Dark Knight" or "The Mummy". The pictures alone have brightened my day.

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