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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 in the end of 2008

Wow.. it's the end of the year 2008 already... Time really does fly away. As a new age seems to be drawing nearer and nearer, things develop into more complicated than ever. I am now in the pressure of changes. The only thing I know I should be doing more right now is to change my life.

Find myself a new and better job!

Find myself a girlfriend!

Those two sentences keep ringing in my head. So I think it's resolved. My New Year's Resolution is resolved. I only ask for two things. Better Job, and a girlfriend. I hope I can have one of them (or preferrably both) this next year. The rest is already good.

Come on now, 2009!

Let see what happens with my last year's resolutions. How many exactly have I accomplished?


1. Be more happy, OK? [ Yes! I can confidently say that I've achieved this one. I've been happier this year than I'd ever been in a year. I think 2008 was a good year for me. Can 2009 be better? ]

2. Keep updating this blog. Don't ever abandon her. [ Sure thing! Mission Accomplished! And still going... ]

3. Get over Cy. I know I have been saying to myself that I have moved on, not thinking about her again. But when new things happened and something big happened about her, I know I still cared for her a lil bit. That's not good. I must get over her, completely. [ And yes! This one has been done completely as well. I'm so happy and proud of myself for knowing this for sure. ]

4. Find a girl I like. [ Haha.. I've found one. But I don't think she likes me :( ]

5. Lose more weight. I can't believe I say this. I can't even believe I think of this. But yes, sadly, I am being to fat for my own sake. I think I start becoming real fat ass since the beginning of "the stress" I had months previously. Then I joined a gym but only for a month. After that, I wished very much to go there again, but I had no time because I had to teach. Now that I've laid off some work from my schedule, it's still an absurd thing for me to go to gym. I need more free time. [ Aww.. Failed! If ever, I think I became fatter instead. Hahaha.. ]

6. Find, Track, and Buy Will and Grace season 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. Ok. It's a promise. For the information, Will and Grace is the most difficult TV series for me to find until now. I've searched in many places in Medan but they didn't have its second season DVD. I can't download them because "I'm in Indonesia". I need to think outside the box to find them, but I promise I will. [ Done! ]

7. Think of a new job, much better suited for me. A job that I really like to do. A job which defines who I am. A new job where I can meet new people, new friends, new life. Damn, this is a hard one. [ Like I've said, Failed! Man, this is tough... ]

8. If it's possible, this year, I want to buy a notebook, preferably the ACER Travelmate, the one I've locked my eyes on months before. I hope the price's decreasing a bit, so I will be able to have it. Hehe.. Wish me luck. [ Done! I bought ACER, but not travelmate. It's Aspire 4530. Better though! Hehe ]

9. The usual wishes : Find new friends, join new club, find your soul mate. [ Done! I've had new friends, I've joined a new club, but the soulmate is still at large. ]

10. Complain less, about Indonesia, PLN, suicide, loneliness and my usual pathetic life. I can't really promise, but I think I can manage to not complain much about Indonesia and PLN anymore, though. Last night, midnight, PLN had us blackout for several minutes. I was furious like usual... "perfect timing!" I said. But they seemed to have overcome the electric crisis I think. [ Actually, Done! Haha.. Done! I still complain... but that's very rare... hehehe ]

11. Save more and more money. Triple and Triple, no.. quadruple my account in the bank... We really need money in this life. [ Sadly, I failed this one. I think it's probably because I spent much on my laptop and my entertainment... ]


12. Just be Happy, Man. I deserve it. I know I do. [ Done! Hihi! ]

So, let's see....

12 tasks.

Failed 3, Succeeded 9!

Not bad. Hehehe... The Failed ones, I hope next year I can overcome them.

Happy New Year! GTG. :P

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