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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mumbles in the Busies

Oh it's been a while, huh since I last updated this blog. I know.. besides the busy days I've been having, the last few days were the times when I had no inspiration at all. I didn't have anything solid to blog about, and that thought scared me. I've always had something to write in here, if not complaining about anything, I would always have something else to present. The idea of nothingness, a dry spell of creativity freaked me out. I tried to think of several reasons why this was happening to me. Turned out, it was because I was too busy with my work, and because of my last obsession regarding Joey season 2. I'm proud to say that I've successfully downloaded the whole 22 episodes. So now I'm in the process of authoring those movies into three DVD movies.

I'm so in to this DVD making job. I researched for several DVD Creator softwares to find the perfect tool. I set a high standard, so many softwares which didn't satisfied me were abandoned or uninstalled. I've tried using TMPGEnc DVD Author, which has several menu templates (not a lot, though) but didn't support movie files other than MPG. Basically it sucked. So I ventured for another one. I found ZC DVD Creator Platinum which showed alot of promises. This software supports all kinds of video files such as MPG, AVI, MOV, RM, DIVX, FLV, 3GP, WMV, MP4, and all other types. It even has more than 70 beautiful menu templates. The only thing that's bothering me was that it's incompatible with Vista, that means, this software is useless for me.

The search went on as I found Super DVD Creator and Ultra DVD Creator. Super DVD Creator is as excellent as ZC except for one terrible flaw, it can only provide one title menu, one page. So if you have 20 movies you want to put in to one DVD movie, you'd have to put all of them in one page only. Yaw, that totally sucked.

Ultra DVD Creator was the worst one I've found. It didn't even provide menu-editting. Yawn.

Finally, I came across a DVD studio Pack called Aimersoft. This was what I've been searching for. Compatible with Vista, it also has several beautiful templates which you can download more later, buttons and frames, and unlimited pages for me to tweak. It even provides transitions between videos. What a perfect software. So I'm busy using this program right now. That's why I didn't have anything to blog about, except this. Hahaha...

For what it's worth, I'm currently happy with my life. Though I am still girl-friend-less, but I'm optimistic about that... (thinking about her) ... yeah... yeah... hahahaha...

Can't be too busy, huh?

My best friend, Erick will be back to town in January. Can't wait for that. Sugi has bought himself a laptop, too. Everything will be perfect if my pocket is not empty right now. Huahahaha...

That's right. I'm flat broke right now, because my expense this month was terrible. But I am still optimistic, because in a few days, I will receive my paycheck. Hahaha... Can't wait for that.

Do you find it weird? The optimism in me? I don't know where it comes from, hahaha.. and I suppose it won't stay for too long either. See ya.

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