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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jo Jo Joey!

My old pal from Friends, Joey Tribbiani has been visiting me again. This time, I am dying to see all the episodes from its second season which got canceled years ago due to the horrible ratings. It's pretty unfair, since the rating went down because the NBC producers were all idiot placing Joey's second season time slot in rival with American Idol. Joey is great, but we all knew he wouldn't stand a chance against American Idol. C'mon, NBC! This looked like they intentionally put down this show. They gave up! Wouldn't even give it a second chance.

But as a fan, all I can do is to say that Joey would have made it if it were given another chance, another time slot, perhaps. But it never happened, and Matt Le Blanc has never acted since then.

I owe it to Joey to at least finish watching the show. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to download all the episodes and I'll watch them. So far, I've downloaded six of them. I can't buy this season because they don't sell it anywhere. I've looked. Trust me.

Btw, here are the links from the vexatious rapidshare... I keep them here so I can easily click them in the future.

It gives me a pleasure to say, out of the blue...

"How're you doin'?"

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