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Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Wet and Bumpy New Year's Eve

What do you have in mind after reading that title above? Hehehe.... First of all, I'm sorry it took me a long time to post this New Year's Eve entry. The internet connection in Comic Garden where I usually spend my online time was broken. It's so annoying because they didn't get it fixed for days now, and even as I'm writing this, its still broken.

Yesterday, I and my stingy friend Sugianto drove around Medan to search for the alternative wifi hotspot. Actually the time reminded me of Dabin and our time months ago to have this quest for finding good wifi spots. We wasted the whole day and night last night in Sun Plaza because there were not any good places there. I was bummed, and then I was extra-bummed because it rained so heavily and I got myself all soaked up. Ain't that a new cheerful day in the new year?

So today I went to Thamrin Plaza which foodcourt has just been renovated for the better, and yes, better! It was now called D-Loft, a somewhat famous franchise. It offers a free Wi-Fi Spot. It's just one tiny problem. There's no socket anywhere.

So I walked around the corner and I found a socket in the wall waiting to be exploited. That's my lucky jackpot, I thought. And soon, this DLoft became my new hang out place just in case Comic Garden was still down.

Anyway, I've been railing off the main road. The title above was taken literally. I was having my New Year's Eve driving in an insanely huge traffic jam to Cemara Asri where I think a few hundred thousand people were headed too. I was driving my Smashie while Yanti was behind me. There were also Steven, Cia Cia, Michael, Sugi, Hendry, and Achuan. We also met Suwandy and Hendri at Achuan's house later.

We went to the temple in Cemara Asri and we were trapped there. There was nothing we could do but sit and talk and see the fireworks because there were awfully too many people out there and the traffic was horrible and plus, it was drizzling too. Hahaha..

This was the situation at the temple.. it was beautiful inside and outside, I should have taken more pictures.. hehePhotobucket

It wasn't my idea to go to Cemara. I've always liked Cemara and it was even one of my favourite places in Medan. But I'd rather go there on usual days where no traffic occurs. But since they were all planning to go there anyway (despite my warning), so we're trapped there until 01.00 am.

Michael and Sugi were on the way joining me... (I found a nice place to sit)

I will post these pictures.. several of them from the temple and two videos, one from the fireworks at twelve o'clock and one from our game night at Achuan's house. There are still many videos left but I was so lazy uploading them so hehehe... (takes too long...)

A little camwhoring... :D

Some body took this picture above.. I don't remember who.Photobucket

That's me and a big bold guy holding a basket ball.

This man was sleeping due to his previous night which had been so dirty and hot and nasty and... well you know the rest..

When the clock showed the number twelve, we walked out front to see the fireworks playing and dancing. It was pretty good.. just pretty good. Not good enough to really impress me.
There you can see many people were recording it.

I have the video of it too, taken directly from below.

So at One AM, we finally faced the heavy rain and the horrible traffic jam and went to Achuan's house in Belawan. His house was so far that I couldn't feel my ass. After we arrived there, we used our own fireworks that we purchased earlier from Kampung Keling and we wow-ed and ahh-ed and ooh-ed and then it's over.

We went inside and Yanti suggested us to play a string game, how to unlock two people when their wrists were tied up. It was somekind of puzzle, and I was the one tied up.

This was the video below from the beginning. It lasted for half an hour I think, but finally, I and Achuan succeeded to unpuzzle ourselves.

Despite the rain and the traffic jam and the unfeelable ass, I enjoyed this time's party. It was a great way, if one, to end a year and start a new one.

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