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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Men Who Are Still Boys

Today I spent my longest time yet in Comic Garden online. I downloaded lots and lots of big files from rapidshare. It's a boring day, I had nothing to do. Most of my friends were back in their hometowns so we couldn't really hang out. Sugi and I were in this cafe from noon until night.

When I was sitting there browsing and making threads at, I couldn't help but notice some of the people in the cafe. There was this man, who at first I took to be twenty something years old. But after I talked to him, I saw that he's married. And then his wife came in to the room, and I was once again surprised. He had already had a daughter aged five or six.

I looked at the wife. She's still looking young and unmarried. But I thought she'd be at least thirty years old now... or no... she's still twenty eight or something but she was rich and thin, so it could confuse anyone.

The wife was using a laptop like I was, she was browsing the net. Opening facebook and friendster. And then I looked back at her husband. He was sitting just in front of me, and he was reading a comic book. When I talked to him, he seemed really grown up and all. But he was also the master champion at Tekken Fighting Championship, and he was all about Gundam action figures. They might as well be kids, with children.

It came to me that if you're already married, would you still be doing things you'd do when you're single? I mean, I am not doing things I did when I was in my junior highschool...

Wait a minute...

I still am doing things I did in junior highschool. I still am a kid, after all.

So the questions are...

Do we really grow up?

Are we changing?

Will we be doing the same things in the next ten years?

Will I?

If yes, then what's the point? Or is it OK to live young forever?

Am I still, after all, just a man who is still a boy?

Let's find out then. I will read this entry again in ten years and see if I'm still the same. I hope not. Or on some level... I think I hope so.

And so, in the spirit of childishness, I take this moment to reminisce the times when I was a kid. Erick was there with me, and tomorrow he'll be having a birthday. Happy birthday, Erick Yang!

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