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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two Hundred

Several things happened today.

First, Steven didn't show at the Comic Garden, that means I didn't get the additional photos and videos from Lia's birthday. That sucks! I was looking forward to seeing those. This is not a cool news.

Second, Buchan surprised me by returning to Medan out of the blue. He brought me brownies from Bandung. Very thoughtful of him hehe. He and Erick had also convocated and I couldn't be happier for them. This is a cool news.

Third, Warner Bros released a third trailer for Harry Potter sixth installment : Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It's such a freaking awesome trailer and it made my day. Though the movie isn't out for another six months. But I'm happy. This is cool news.

The Screencaps :


Fourth, the only time I needed something from friendster, it was broken. Friendster had been broken for two days. I just hope we'll be able to access it by tomorrow, because I still have things to do over there... Hehe.. Friendster's down. That's not a cool news.

Fifth, someone I chatted with these two days really annoyed me. It's ironic, since the first time I knew her, I kinda liked her and I set my eyes and hope in her. Now, I just wanna rip her stupid childish head and scold her back for all eternity for calling me stupid if we ever meet again. Bitch! Not a cool news.

Sixth, this is my two hundredth post! YAY!!! Long live my blog! I really love blogging and I really love this blog of mine. Whoever said blogging is a waste of time and energy clearly is a narrow-minded idiot. Blogging has taught me so much. It has accompanied me throughout my darkest days. It has been a faithful friend to me, and a media for me to channel my inspirations, pride, emotions, and especially creativity. This is was too cool a news!

This blog rules!

Don't ever let anybody tell you differently! Happy Two Hundredth, Soliloquist! :D

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