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Saturday, November 08, 2008

How sick can I be?

Hey, what's up, world?

I'm sick. >.< Huhu... I've been struggling to cure myself for the last three days. I've got a flu, a fever, a cold, and a sore throat and lip.


It's the weather. It's gone insane, you know. The mornings and the noons have been infuriatingly hot, and then it would rain throughout the nights. The temperatures actually spiked up to 40 C at one day, and at night it would be heavily raining again... How can anybody stay healthy in this freaking crazy weather?

OK... OK... it's not the weather, I shouldn't have lied... :P
It's my own fault I got sick. Four days ago, I went and bought nine fried tofus, and I ate the whole damn thing by myself. Those things are filled with greasy crackers and fat. It's only the question of when I would be sick.

So, why ate it if I had known I would be sick the day after?

Because I loved the damn thing. I loved those traditional "Sumedang" tofus. I thought, my body could take it. "I won't regret it..."

How wrong am I?

Because that one hour satisfaction turned out to have a very high price...

But I am all better now.. I've gotten rid of the fever. But actually, I am not all cured. I was cured yesterday, so I thought I needed not take anymore medicines. "I'll bounce back by myself..."

How wrong am I?

Today the freaking fever came back. I tried to fight it as hard as I can. But my lips are so sore it's killing me. And tomorrow is Lia's birthday. I must be well so I can sing many many songs tomorrow.. Hahaha...

So, instead of resting and drinking lots of fluid, I am in Comic Garden right now, downloading movies and TV Series from the vexatious rapidshare... wishing that my illness will vanish on its own despite my desire...

Who can be wrong three times?

I guess the word sick has been taken to a whole new level when it comes to me. Perhaps I'm not only physically sick, but mentally as well. The only question is...

How sick can I be?


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