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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yenni's Birthday

It was Yenni's sweet 26th birthday last October 25. She didn't plan anything special for her big day, so we all made a surprise for her. Fifteen of us gathered in Sunday Cafe that day, and we waited when Cia Cia asked Yenni to come, without letting her know that we're all in there all prepared.

All of us refered to me, Steven, Riwan, Michael, Apau, Bandy, Sugianto, Suwandy, Hendri, A Chuan, Cia Cia, Yuvina, Lia, and Melly.

The whole night was just funny. When Yen arrived, we went back to the cafe's kitchen to get the cake we'd all bought for her. Yenni was all surprised and happy. After blowing up the 26-shaped candle, she made a wish as the Happy Birthday song was being played in the Cafe. All the other people looked at our VIP table and couldn't help but smile.

Yenni was feeding Lia and Sugi... hilarious moments :P

And then Yenni sliced the cake and divided it enough to share with all of us. It was a blueberry slash chocolate cake that tasted so delicious, rather unlike the Sunday Cafe's overpriced fried rice.

We spent the night just chatting and joking. Steven made a card with poetries and colors, and with silly caricatures of our faces emblazoned with our characteristics. He was somewhat genious for that idea.

Yenni named the teddy bear "Steven" so she could hold Steven every night :D

All in all, it was a classic birthday I'd never experienced before in my life. All my life, I seldom celebrate birthdays, since mine were just forgotten and passed like any other days, and my other friends hadn't ever bothered to make a party like that, until I met this guys.

I was happy that day. It's always nice to have someone else to think about rather than complaining about yourself all the time, isn't it?

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