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Monday, December 31, 2007

Old and ... well, Young

[OK, For the record (or something), this entry is just what I do out of my usual hazy mazy loco mind... so to speak.]

What day is today?

What day is today?

What? Say again?

Well, today is supposed to be Old `n (well) Young, the special day, the last day of the year, the day when you make a closure to everything, the day when you prepare a resolution to the new year ahead, the day that is actually one normal day which you need to make special by doing some special unforgettable things so that this day will be unforgettable, uneraseable that one day in the far future you can recall this day, this time, to be one of your favourite days ever!

HOOOAAAHHH !!! That's one damn long sentence!

"What are you doing today?"

"Don't you have plans today?"

"Aren't you going out with your girlfriend to celebrate today, you know?"

"What the hell are you doing sitting at home, playing Grand Theft Auto, onlining in Neverland when everybody's out there watching fireworks being sputtered to the dark blue sky?"

"Aren't you gonna do something, for God's sake, it's Old `n N...."


That's what basically people say to me when they meet me today.

OK, I have an absolutely free day with no plan whatsoever!!!! BIG freaking DEAL!!!!

"Oh, come on... at least say it! You wanna spend tonight doing nothing, "wishing" that you had some better plans arranged before? It's old and ... uh...."

"You have to at least say it..."

"Ok, repeat after me..."





" ... and ... "

... and ...

"... New."

... New.

"Now say it all together..."

"It's Old and New."

It's Old and .... well, Young.

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