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Monday, December 24, 2007

Story - of My Life -

Now, I was supposed to write a new entry about Backstreet Boys. Then I was unable to because my brother hasn't returned my CD. And then I was supposed to write a story of my life, recounted my past in one entry, about my junior high, about my highschool, about Meiwina, Susan, Anni and else, about my friendship with el_se7en's founder Erick, Buchan, Liting, Jimmy, Dabin and else.., about my one year in Jakarta, about my returning to Medan, about my detailed chapter of Anni's plane crash, about my funny relationship with Jacqueline, about my new blog, about my lonely life and my suicidal minds, about my obsession in TV Series, Friends, Harry Potter, Naruto, and else.. and about how they all are pointless.

I began to write those stories for an half hour but then I deleted them all. It was really pointless, to have a story no one bothers. I don't even bother....

But that's a lie, I do care. I think I just want other people to too. But now is not the time to get all self-torturing again. So, this entry is about a song, instead. About one song I incidentally found last night and I liked it in a heart beat.

This is what's in the song :

But these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to

Funny huh? How a song foretold this entry...

Song lyrics | The Story lyrics

In the end, I just want to say Happy Christmas to my friends.

I miss my friends, and because I don't have anything better to do, I will just say this to some people I miss, whether they'll know and read about this or not...

I miss my friends, and I want to say Happy Christmas to you.

Happy Christmas, Erick! You have been my first closest friend, and you're good at it :) Congratulations about your new ... whom I just found out yesterday. Why didn't you tell me earlier? Really miss you. Hope to see you again.

Happy Christmas, Jacq! I haven't seen or heard from you for weeks. Are you OK? Are you reading this? Contact me, OK. I miss you.

Happy Christmas, Buchan! I hope you can get back here some time, you and all of our old gangs. I really miss you all.

Happy Christmas, Novi! Thank you for accompanying me through these days. I feel really auspicious to have known you.

Happy Christmas, Meiwina! I know we had our moments and history, but I wish we have more. I want to too. I hope we meet again real soon.

Happy Christmas, Jimmy! It's been a long time since we last met. Remember the Thursday when both of us were caught by two cops? two damn cops in one day. How unfortunate! Haha.. I wish I can see you now, you are one of my friends I can share so much to, you know what I mean?

Happy Christmas, Liting! Wherever you are right now (and whispers say you are in Jakarta working), I hope you for all the best. Hope we meet again some time.

Happy Christmas, Dabin! Man! You're so far away that I want to punk your head. Come back once, would you? We all miss you here. I still can remember all those times we cracked each other's laughs in your place, or in Dufan, when Jimmy slammed himself to a mirror... LOlz.

Happy Christmas, Anni! You have been a part in my life and I hope the best for you in times to come. Never give up, I know you won't. I wonder if you'll be back for Chinese New Year.

Happy Christmas, Windy and Lin aka Erich the SonikBotak! How are you guys? I really miss you and all our times back then. If I can turn back time, I will definitely revisit those times. I hope we can see each other again, one day.

Happy Christmas, Harianto! You are always busy huh? Don't forget to call me when you're in town.

Happy Christmas, Lomar, Vanny, Cherry, Ivana, and Alex... wherever you guys are tonight. It's been an honour to dance with you, one of the best memories of my life!

Happy Christmas, Riki Lidian! Man! It's always a great day when you're back in Medan. You're one of the smartest guy I know. I know bright future lies ahead of you.

Happy Christmas, Iswandi! Hah! What are you doing now? You are my only unique friends who can ( and doesn't afraid to) sing, dance as Robbie Williams, dance latino-ishly with fake Shakira, write poetries, become a Gusdur, and so much more. Miss you, man!

Happy Christmas, Nico! My funky Math Friend. Wherever you are, take care man! Contact me when you're back.

Happy Christmas, Shari! You are my far far away get-away friend. It's been a while since we last chatted. One day, I will make it to Minnesota. Hehe...

and at last, but not least...

Happy Christmas, my blog! You have been with me for more than a year. That's cool! I promise to stay with you for at least coupleteen years to come.


  1. Hi.. ofcoz I am reading. haha.. tho i m super busy, i still drop by to your blog to check if there is any updates. ^^!

    I promise to update my blog soon, but i m too busy to do tat.. i wan to u noe.. huhu~ i will call you when i have time to chat.. TT why am i so busy? Happy christmas too btw..~ miss you too lo..

    I will be bek during cny~ nyahaha~

  2. look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

  3. Hoi Buambang, damn semua pake bhs inggris, ora mudeng aku.. wk3

    Tar lah bang mgk taon dpn aku balik, fuck ini t4 kerja aku ga ngasi aku break, tgl 31 aja kerja... ~~

    Kalo ngga kau ke jakarta aja bang, tar aku bawa kau pegi dugem ma nyari2 cewe buat kau seneng2... :D :D

  4. Yow...Long time no see. ntar wa pulang medan kita jalan2 and poto2 lagi ya.