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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Underneath my pillow

So last night, as I was planning to—finally—get some sleep, there was an unexpected surprise waiting for me in my bedroom. My room appeared as usual as it had always been, but when I reached my pillow (actually not reached, but lay my head on it) I felt like there was something concealed beneath it. So I sat up straight and turned around and looked down. There was a cable coming out from under the pillow, lain helplessly like a dead fake snake. I recognized it at once. It was my cell phone charger. I grabbed it out and wondered vaguely who had put it there.

Actually, this was my brother’s, and I stole it :P But if I didn’t put it there.. who did?

While I was pulling the cable out, there was another cable following. It was white. Thicker than before, and with stripes on it. I was hazily familiar with it. And then curiously, I lifted the pillow to reveal what was beneath it. To my surprise—and laughter—and confusion, I found an iron hidden there, its sharp edge pointed up against my head. Wew.. Who on earth put it there, and why?


...'Hm... what could this be?'...

What the hell is this doing inside here?

Since when do people hide weird things under their pillow? If they were love letters, diary, or stashes of porn ; OK, that might still make sense. But if they are to randomize what to hide there… that might be a problem.

I wonder what would happen if people begin to think that keeping weird things underneath their pillows. What would they hide?

See..? I can't live without it

This, maybe?

one mililitre of health, pain, joy, madness, and death

Well… for a suicide type like me, maybe that’s a good idea. I probably just have to worry about it leaking and soaking my bed with poison. (but not too worry about me accidentally drink it in my sleep)

But let say Baygon is far too cliché (cliché…? Lolz), I can only think of one other thing people would hide under their bed…

Pardon me for my lack of photoshop skill :P

I can’t remember when the last time I hid my Elisha Cuthbert under my pillow… :))


  1. When reading your blog firstly, I was clueless what r you going to say...

    When I saw that iron cable, I thought it is a snake.. -_-||| But eventually I laughed when I saw that iron. Was it really there? wth is trying to kill you with that iron, I think that person might expect you menhantamkan your head onto that pillow.. then.. wakakaka...crack your head then.. byebye..

    But... it is so gay of you, I mean you are so gay... gay gay gay.. why why ?
    Coz your pillow case and your bedsheet lor. Why so flowerish? hahaha.. you so gay la.. =9

    Then.. afterall.. hehe.. not bad.. quite amusing lo.. kekekeke..


  2. *DONG!*


    i've known this question would come... but the pillow case and the bedsheet isn't really relevant.. huh huh huh huh huh and huh for 500 more times.

    It's not gay and I'm not gay. It symbolized the sensitivity hidden inside me.. wakakakaka... I respected the beauty of nature. And flowers are beautiful.. they are delicate..

    oh shit.. i am gay! LMAO

    Ok. now serious (yeah.. Serious.. means that before I was not serious)..

    that charger and iron were really there.

    But the baygon and elisha cuthbert were clearly imaginary.

    huh huh huh another five hundred more times

  3. And.. I juz realized this, you grow your thumb nail (not that picture thumb nail.. but kuku jempol.. hahaha) long.. OMG, only GAY will do that.. hahaha..

    Gay.. oo bang bang gay..

    Btw, elisha cuthbert in your pic wont help you to cover that you r a GAY tho' coz.. the flowerish pillow case speaks more than .. apa seh yang wa blg ini.. My english suckz.. hehe.. Pokoknya lu ngerti la hor bang..

  4. wew.. seemed like you were very fond of making fun of me.. huh huh.. (repeated huh syndrome for 1000 times)

    I don't need to prove myself otherwise, I'm aware enough of my sexuality and that leaves me no room for insecurity. Say what you want, Jer. Hahahaha

    PO ^^