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Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh, Boy!

Last night I had a very memorable dream—two very memorable dreams, and actually it’s not “last night”. It’s already morning. As I recall, it was around five to seven o’clock.

These dreams were about the two things from the top of my wishlist. One, of course. It was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the book (which funnily enough, turned out to be a US version of it. I had never owned a US version of HP, besides the translated version). The book was also funny. It contained the second-last chapter on the very first page, and by reading it, I sure was spoiled all the way. And the plot twist was odd too, I mean, Bellatrix turned in and helped Harry fight Voldemort? Where did that come from?

DH ad 1

DH add, magic 7

It’s funny to see that I’m finally dreaming something (or two things) I love. This is so rare. Usually, I don’t get happy dreams, and I seldom have nightmares either. They’re just weird dreams. Maybe these were too.

The second dream was more personal. I dreamed of having a perfect girlfriend. So cliché huh? Well, not exactly. I mean, she had red hair and probably wearing red shirt too, totally my type. But there was a burden inside me. I didn’t know what it was, but I could fight it. We ended up together at the end and I was pretty upset when the dream was over and I had to face my boring reality :(

This sketch is hardly perfect. Her hair was slimmer, her eyes were sharper, and she was ten time cuter.. :(

The crazy thing was, this dream resided in me this whole day. After hours and hours, I still could remember it vividly. And it has changed my emotion a little bit at a time.

I don’t know… Maybe I am longing for what I want. What I want. Seems really important now. I really want to make myself happy now. I really need to be happy now. And the first step to do that is to fulfill what I want most.

Funny, how a dream can make you do things. People change. Perhaps I’d better do so too.


  1. hello you've been tagged! go check out my latest post :P

  2. Hey.. so you chatted in kenny sia chat box.. hahaha..

    Btw, you have more interesting dream, huhu.. because I dreamed I was attending someone's funeral.. bah! huhu... Scary!