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Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is NOT normal

When I woke up today, everybody had put on some awesome clothes, murmuring about what a beautiful clear day it was. I came in to the living room, half naked and half conscious. The silent fell and everyone in my family stared at me. I rubbed my head and said "Kiong Hee ar..." in a laughy tone of mine. They silenced for a second, and then continued talking again as if noone had intruded their conversation. Smiling with unknown reason, I got back in to my room and threw my body back on the bed and continued to sleep. What heck of a morning.

My family got a weird sense of humour, they could be insensible. To them, I mean, to us, CNY was and is a great day, it's just we didn't celebrated as glamourly and importantly as the other families I know. This day comes and goes to us, if the moods support, we celebrate, if not, it's just another normal day where all of our neighbours turn UN-normal.

Spelled as HOK, or FUK

[This word above IS my name. You can easily find it everywhere. Means LUCK. You think it's suit for me huh? Sometimes I do think so. But lately, luck seems like it has spun its way from me]

This Chinese New Year rocks in some ways I never experienced before. I was like, is it "Sa Cap Meh? or Ji Kau Meh?" We had our lovely undescribeable dinner last night before I ended up watching Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire for the fifty two times. (Hah???) Like I said, it was undescribeably weird.

a metaphor?

[This is my LUCK which has shunk, smothered, and spun away. IF you stare still to the upside-down word quite closely and long enough, you may see a sketch of a short boy who is not Happy and is long to be so. Can't you see him?]

Today was NOT a normal day for me. I, due to the late waking up (actually, I got up pretty quick, just too late to made some get away plan, if you know what I mean, out of the house plan), then I was told to "guard" the house alone while all of my families went for bloody "angpau". I didn't really want to come, it's better for me to lock myself in the house, replying the non-stop texts from my friends out there (which had caused my phone to fail errored somehow).

It's a PIG year, isn't it?

[See? It's everywhere.]

Three hours later, they came back with four different red-envelopes that were cursed as "angpau". I was a little shocked to have recieved four angpau-s without paying any visit whatsoever (besides sitting and soliloquizing in my own room alone). That was the easiest money I've ever earn :P

Maybe I was over-reacting when I thought I would do lots of things today, maybe came up with several ingenious plans, and spent this one day that "ought to be" special.

[Click to enlarge]

Not inside the mind of a soliloquist, this is inside the BLOGGER, huh?

My Friendster page @

[So I ended up in a place where my mind has always been, but I was so confused as I kept questioning myself of why I was here. I wanted to post an entry so bad, but what shall I write? I went down browsing, but what's there to surf? I wound up with ???-s inside my soliloquial head.]

I didn't do any "paicia-s", nor do I any meeting with relatives. The UN-normal thing was, on this BIG day that should be, I didn't do the things I usually do, I didn't crave for such NORMAL activities which suit this day. And I still felt like New Year.

This is photoshopped lar...

[I have nothing else to do. How I wish to have a naked chick popping out in my crystal ball as well. :P]

But was I happy? Well, for the last twenty to thirty hours I have lived, I was kinda dead inside. Couldn't feel my heart and brain, and therefore couldn't answer any of the usual questions like that.

Can't find me such thing, huh?

[You can't? I wonder why]

Happy Chinese New Year, everybody! Sort of.

1 comment:

  1. Haha.. Gong Xi Gong xi

    Kong Hei Kong hei.. watever lar.. ^^

    Same here, I also dont do any of pai cia thing coz all the money has alr transferred by my relatives thru the bank . Sometimes I tot, bagus juga kan? at least I need not to go to a lot of house to kesikesi basa basi sitting there till the angpaos come to my hand ^^

    I think the luck does not spun its way from you, well, at least, last year you got a chance to meet me lor and play poker with me..~~~ huahahaha.. and this year, you are still so lucky coz I still wanna be friend witn you~~~.. sigh, how lucky you are.. ok enuf with the jayus joke.. -_-|||

    Btw, jel, I open your blog as soon as you send me sms saying that you has already posted a new blog (actually I wanna see the comment you wrote for me lar) wakaka.. kan dong ler ..

    (kandong means terharu in case you dunno, coz i always know your chinese suckz!) huahaha..

    Kiong hi jel, stay jel jel.. and jel abadi..