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Monday, February 05, 2007

In the Not-so-blackout-anymore City


Yep, it’s our lovely hometown Medan. It has survived earthquakes, floods, and apparently, has overcome blackout as well. But there are still not so much things you can do in here, I mean, instead of shopping, watching movies, grabbing delicious food, gaming, hanging around, wait a second… what was my point before? Hahaha… Oh…

Medan, midnight, taken Dec 31th 2006

I mean, in spite of all those things that might seem very exciting, it’s really a boring city. For example, when my bud Erick came back town, we honestly had nothing to do. No good enough places to go besides all those usual tiring shopping centers. But can you enjoy life within all the boringness?

There is a line, a thin silver and silk line seamed tightly beneath hundreds of thousand of other white lines. It’s not a question of finding it, it’s a question of how to.

Me and Iswandi

My weekend. My old friend from came back to visit from Australia. Been a while, and a while refers to three and half years. So, we went here and there, talked about this and that, spent a little time and money.

I like how it feels when I’m meeting a great old friend. As I have said before, it excites me. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t go see other people that aren’t old friends of mine. Yesterday, I have a real fun day with my great friend Nov_Sie. Watched a lil bit of Primeval (of which was pretty good, like seeing a man’s skull being wrenched by a giant crocodile. I mean, how often you see a sight like that? :P).

Me and Qute Nov_Sie

This February is bound to be great and filled with excitement. There will be Valentine’s Day where love spreads within the air. I’m barely there, but I can feel the enthusiasm already. Talk about love and Valentine’s Day, it will never come to an end. I will post something about that in the flow of time. Or you can read one too here, on my good friend Jacq’s blog, or on my second post in late November last year. Meanwhile, I’d better get back to my own topic…

Ah… There is also the Chinese New Year which will fall on February 18th, there will be lots of my old friends coming back to this very town, and I have this good mood circularizing me all around the clock. Hope it won’t vanish. :P

There are a bunch of words that I wanted them to be written on this current post, but I can’t really find a clue of where and how I put them. They are words that express my current feeling I might say. I shall just post them here randomly. Hehehe.. I’m not sure what good it can bring, but I know that they can brighten the mood here. Even more! See? I’m soliloquizing again! Woohoooo!!!

Lalala Lala…… Zeal, Memories, Wise Men, Eventually, Heaven, oh yeah.. Heaven. I didn’t believe it is exist. But that can’t mean that I can’t make my own heaven. So here it goes…

Heaven. [Hé:ven]
1. (n.) — an awesomely great place to be, great timing, great acquaintances, good times.
2. (adv.) — when cold mixes with warmth.
3. (n.) — it’s a friend of sugar? No, it’s a friend of mine. (at least for now)

Heaven tastes like honey.

Me and only me, a bit ravenous huh? ;P

That’s it. This is a happy post. Remember it.
I just watched a lot of movies (u know, catching up a lil bit :P) like Happy Feet, SAW III, the Break Up, Bewitched, Rumor has it…

And I found this quote.
Suddenly I realize. The important thing is NOT what it is that you do. It’s WHO you do it with.

So come Medan, you may have no good and other great places to go, that’s fine. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. I have healed my life. I have found that silver line. It glows upon my palm. No more loneliness, I’ve thwarted it. I’ve conquered it. Suddenly, I can see that black silhouette of mine has left me. No more Rhett Miller’s song. No more American Pie. Smile, it goes real far.

Medan, a more realistic look

What was Chandler saying to Jill Goodacre that time they got trapped inside an ATM vestibule during a blackout? “Asi es perfecto.”

No more blackout, sweetheart.


  1. Really? No more? wakakaka... I m coming Medan.. counting days.. tik tak tik tak..

    longer comments after my exam =P

  2. You know what? Last night when I was about to post this one, after I had emblazoned the page and pictures here and there, the computer went down. It's a STUPID blackout all over again.. Been a while since the last blackout though, so ironic for me to post that there are no more blackouts when it hit me at the most annoying time ever.

    But to me, the blackout IS over. Medan seems better now, (maybe it's me who has been better) but the blackout didn't last for too long. I could get back online and post this. :P

    Well, i'm quite surprise to see your very-short-abrupt-yet-menyayat-hati comment, hahaha so be sure to write me a long one about this page after the exam ok.. hehe

    good luck on your exam.
    and i'm here tik tok tik -ing to your homecoming hahaha.. remember oleh2...

  3. Bam, hehe.. ancua lu ho sebo>??

    Time flies, I finally have to go bek again to the always-blackout city which you have claimed no-so-blackout-anymore .. That means, tomorow, I will be in Medan? no no.. more than 24 hours more.. lol..


    I still felt stress, n I rili wanna get out from the system these few days, no talking, no conversation, no heart-to-heart chat because I get angry easily, thats y i din reply your sms.. these few days. I felt so stressful

    lol.. since when this comment box become curhat box? hahaha..

    guess, n i hope tomoro when i wake up, i get better soon. =P

    Btw, the picture is nice, who is nov sie? always seeing you mention her in blog but i nv hear any of it during our chatting time in msn lol.
    Btw, the background, better change it.. haha.. makes me difficult to read the words there.. but actually is nice la.. only blocking the words .. because of the contrast color =P

    gd day bam.. ^^


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