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Friday, February 02, 2007

Man Versus Money

Recently overheard...

  • A sister : Which one will you choose, an ugly but very rich girl, OR a poor but very beautiful girl?
  • A man : No option for a pretty girl who happens to be rich huh?
  • A sister : So, money is a significant factor, isn’t it?
  • A mother : You should find a girl who is rich, so that you can have a steady life in the future.
  • A man : Why can’t I count on myself for providing me a steady life?
  • A mother : Because you ARE a poor boy now, economically speaking. No need to deny it.
  • A man : I’m not denying it. I just don’t see why I need a rich girl to make me unpoor. I can make money by myself.
  • A sister : Yeah, you don’t want to be marked as a Materialistic Boy.
  • A man : Because I am not.
  • A sister : So you pick the beautiful but poor one?
  • A man : No, I say I would pick the one I like no matter how rich or poor she is.
  • A sister : Ah, fascist! Hahaha.
  • A mother : You should pick the rich one so her father can support you with a good and promising job.
  • A man : What? Why would her father even offer me a job?
  • A mother : If the girl really likes you, then it would be no problem at all. The dad shall grant anything that his daughter wishes.
  • A sister : That is the same as letting your girlfriend control your life. Even when you’re successful with the job all by yourself, the girl shall say, “Oh it’s not your job. It’s my father’s. It’s only a GIFT.” I mean, a guy must have more dignity than that.
  • A mother : No, it’s all right. Rather than having a poor wife to fill in your already-poor life, you would be just living under a bridge. You wouldn’t want to add a poor with a poor. It comes back with a poor.
  • A sister : Doesn’t negative against negative become positive? Hahaha…
  • A man : Yeah. But a negative plus a negative is still a negative.
  • A sister : Either way, he still can’t date girl because of money. He got more pride than that. If he does, then he will be dying inside the girl’s pants. *
  • A mother : If he doesn’t, he and his wife won’t even wear pants at all.
  • A man : Hahaha… As far as I know, money is irrelevant. It’s neither here nor there. I don’t mind dating a poor girl while riding a pedicab with her, also don’t mind if the girl owns a sedan and she’s the one who drives instead of me.
  • A sister : Well, you can say that now, but in reality, you will get embarrassed. At least, a guy should be richer than the girl. It’s not a perfect world, you know.**

  • No Cash? No date?

    So. Whose side are you on? What do you think of this social-sexual-politic issue? Man without money. If this world is full of materialistic men and women, then really poor guys won’t stand a chance, will they? Or should they only date another poor woman as well? Are rich women out of his league? Whoever you are, please share your opinion.

    Has love become an indistinct factor that doesn’t even pertinent anymore? Has money blinded all of us? Can a perfect world, I mean, Can my perfect world where money isn’t an issue in a relationship, BE a real world that we are all living?

    ** The conversation above is originally in Hokkienese

    *The actual sentence is like this : "See khee cabo e tekho"

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