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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wet Sunday Night on Cia Cia’s Birthday

Ever wonder what the speed of lightning would be if it didn’t zigzag?

I have always been a fan of birthdays, though lots of my birthdays were forgotten and let passed away... but like I said, I’ve always been a fan of my friends’ birthdays. I like to celebrate something.. because doing so reminds me that I have them as company... that I’m not lonely. If I have learned one thing, you gotta appreciate moments like these...

But it’s hard to appreciate Cia Cia’s birthday last Sunday. Why so? Everything would have gone so well if it wasn’t for the damn rain. I gotta tell you, it’s been raining in Medan every night. Sometimes it’s just a happy drizzle.. but most of the times it’s like someone just poured gallons of water from the sky. That someone whose ass I like to kick very much.

So the plan was to go to NAV Karaoke at seven pm, but due to the very heavy rain.. I and Sugi were stuck inside Steven’s house for hours... along with Steven of course. We went there because earlier the three of us went to buy two cakes at Papa Mama Bakery. The moment we were back at his house, the rain started to fall. Around five thirty that afternoon, we walked the road Katamso to find food. We knew we had to eat before the party started. I remember this time very clearly because the sky had turned gray, the clouds had leaked water, and it’s very wet all around. But the main reason was that during all that time, I was texting Em.

On that damp afternoon, I didn’t know why but I couldn’t get her out of my head. Hell, I can’t not think about her every day, even right now...

So we did find a place to eat. Somewhere on the corner of the streets. And after we made sure our stomach was full. We went back to the house. That was when the rain got heavier and heavier. After six o’clock, we were all worried like hell how we would get to NAV, because the thunders and the lightnings and the rain and the flood... all of them didn’t help at all.

Suwandy, Achuan, and Hendry arrived with their car. Steven went with them carrying the cakes, and our presents for Cia Cia. Sugi and I challenged the rain by traveling by motorcycles on that very wet night. Soaked and Dripping all over, the two of us made it to NAV, which was blacked out due to the rain. We asked them when the power would be up... they told us anytime soon. But after several coupleteens minutes of waiting, all of us were very disappointed because the people at NAV told us that they would be closing for the rest of the night, and we were forced to leave. Cia Cia and her girls finally arrived just to see we’re leaving again. So we were headed to Happy Puppy, the other karaoke place we thought were OK.

One more time, Sugi and I were travelling in to the rain. At times, he even asked me if it’s all worth the trouble.. whether we’d better be going home. But I told him that we were all this way and I wouldn’t want it all to be in vain. After all, I couldn’t do it to Cia Cia.

So we went to Happy Puppy. Getting wetter than ever, we arrived there, followed by Cia Cia and her companies. Ayen and Cia Cia went inside and then outside again in a very short time. We were surprised and were ready for the bad news we knew we would get. The place was full.

Hendry and his friend Hendra arrived as well, after got soaked up by the rain. All of us discussed for a minute, knowing that that night had turned bad and late. It’s already eight and we’re one hour late from our previous plan.

K2! We finally decided to go there... hoping there would be a place for fifteen of us. I even told myself that if K2 was also full, then it’s all over.

But another thing happened on the way to K2. As I went there with Sugi and Hendry, all of sudden, Hendry blew a tire. His front tire was punctured just outside Sun Plaza. It was still raining, and Sugi who didn’t know anything about this had gone straight to K2. I helped out Hendry who was riding with Hendra. They were annoyed, but couldn’t do anything about it. So the two of them went to find a workshop while I was heading to K2 to tell the other guys that those two wouldn’t be joining us that evening. It’s almost like a war. Lol.

I arrived at K2, finding a confused Sugi. The other guys hadn’t arrived yet. Its already eight thirty and the rest of the party still at large. I called them and it turned out they were lost! How could they get lost in the middle of the city to a place we had been going to so often so many times? I didn’t understand the level of stupidity of that situation. But I figured the K2 wouldn’t wait much longer, so I booked a room and Sugi and I went inside. Ten minutes later, the others joined us. Cia Cia, Steven, Ayen, Lia, Yuvina, Mery, Cory, Suwandy, the other Hendry, Achuan, and then Michael, Apau, and Felix joined us too an hour later, making us fifteen people in the suite room of K2, in the middle of the wet night.

After got soaked up, flooded, blacked out, pissed off for waiting, soaked up again, disappointed at Happy Puppy, soaked up again, flat tired, and lost, we all made it eventually. And it’s time to get the party started.

LoL. The party only went for two hours because we were running very late... and its going darker each minute. Like usual, we were singing and having a great time there.. and then Cia Cia cut the cake, gave a piece for everyone.. Ayen was the MC, kinda.. like usual... and I was the one who always sang the Happy Birthday song, Steven was the one who’s in charge in taking pictures and videos... and the rest of us were in charge in eating. LoL.

You can see several of the pictures below...


Picture of me and Ayen singing duet...


More pictures :


Me alone

Steven the Cameraman. He didn't realize when I took this picture. LoL at his face.

The twenty three years old Cia Cia cutting the cake...
cake 2cake
cut cake 2cut cake

These are the pictures when Cia Cia opened my present.. she was reading the card I attached along with the present.


These are the pictures of Cia Cia accepting presents from the other guys..


Below is the short video of me singing Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours... I dedicated this song for Cia Cia when the rest of us were eating the cake.. Hehe... I didn’t sound too good, so you may only see a short clip from that. Hehe...

The party last just for a short time. Two hours seemed to fly easily.. but it was worthed the wait and rain too. Hehe... Here we were all together.



I always like this word. Means a lot.

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